Samsung Facebook Qwerty Phone – Samsung B3310

The Samsung B3310 is one of the coolest mobile phones that the Samsung mobile house has to offer. Gadget lovers around the world have liked the superior design and functionality of the new B3310, which is available in pink and blue.

This latest Samsung mobile phone offers many amazing functions and applications. The shape of the B3310 is unique in itself. It is an egg-shaped mobile. The way its keyboard is designed is great. You can dial numbers from 1 to 9, which are located vertically along the right side of the screen of this mobile phone. This phone has an attractive appearance. You can buy it in Pink or Blue. Both colors look great on this phone.

The Samsung B3310 has a 2.1-inch TFT LCD screen with 176×220 pixels. The sliding QWERTY keyboard enhances its appearance and functionality. This new Samsung phone is loved by many young people. Although girls can buy this mobile in pink, it is also available in blue for boys. It is news that Samsung will introduce new colors on this phone model very soon. This phone offers five hours of continuous talk time and a standby time of up to 380 hours.

The Samsung B3310 is specially designed for those who want to stay connected with their friends through various social networking sites. With this mobile phone you can get the latest status updates from your friends on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc. With this mobile phone, you will be sure not to miss the things that your friends want to say. With this phone, you can also check the latest photos added by your friends on flickr.

Samsung mobiles are famous for offering unmatched sound quality in their music players. This phone has the level of sound quality expected from all Samsung mobile phones. This phone will allow you to organize all your favorite songs in a fine way. You can put your favorite songs in different playlists created by you with different names. This mobile phone has Bluetooth 2.1. You can transfer data on this mobile from other Bluetooth-enabled phones.

Today, almost all mobile phones come with a camera. However, the quality of the camera lens varies from brand to brand. This phone has 2.0 megapixel cameras. The image quality offered by this camera is the best in its class. This mobile phone clicks photos clearer than other brand mobiles with 2 megapixel camera.

This mobile will ensure that you do not get bored in his presence. Sometimes when you get bored of all things, tuning in to your favorite radio channels through the Samsung B3310 will please you. This phone has an internal memory of 40 MB. However, you can expand its memory with the help of a microSD card. It is really difficult to observe some points to the downside of this mobile.

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