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Spring awakening in the Kunsthistorisches Museum

New: The “Blossoming Cabinet” in the Gemäldegalerie – online program on the splendor of flowers and spring time

Vienna (OTS) Spring will begin in a few days and the Kunsthistorisches Museum invites you to celebrate the spring awakening of art with a visit to the museum. Beautiful flower pictures in the newly set up “Blooming Cabinet” as well as colorful works of art in all collections drive away the gray of everyday Corona and make you look forward to the warmer season. From April, the Kunsthistorisches Museum will be offering a special online program on the subject of blossoms and spring time, as guided tours and events on site are still not possible.

The Blooming Cabinet

Virtuously painted flowers by Jan Brueghel the Elder. Ä., Jan van Huysum, Rachel Ruysch, Jan Lievens and other masters of Dutch flower painting: In Kabinett 17 of the Gemäldegalerie, the most beautiful floral still lifes in the collection were rearranged especially at the beginning of spring and offer visitors a particularly intense floral art experience.

In the Netherlands, the flower still life genre, which developed at the beginning of the 17th century, enjoyed a particularly high priority. The painters surpassed nature itself by depicting the splendor of plants that bloom at different times and whose precious flowers are also not subject to natural decay. Their detailed reproduction testifies to the artists’ scientific interest in nature. The aesthetic masterpieces of flower painting enjoyed great demand as objects of contemplation.

The “Blooming Cabinet” can be found in the Gemäldegalerie in Cabinet 17 and on the website.

See you #live! – Themed online tours for the awakening of spring

The new digital education offer takes visitors on a virtual journey into the realm of art and culture. Under the title “We see us #live!” You can regularly experience exciting live tours and lectures in the Kunsthistorisches Museum and Weltmuseum Wien, which you can take part in comfortably from home or while on the move via zoom.

From April the Kunsthistorisches Museum will be offering special online tours on the subject of “Spring Awakening in Art”. The dates will be announced shortly on the website and can then be booked directly online.

#ArtAperitivo “Splendor of flowers in art” – live on Instagram on March 23rd.

As part of the Instagram talk series #ArtAperitivo, art mediator Daniel Uchtmann welcomes florist Michaela Oberaigner for a live conversation with Campari company next Tuesday evening. Using floral masterpieces from the picture gallery, the two talk about the symbolic power of different flowers and talk about blossoms as a sign of unbroken vitality but also of transience. If you say something through the flower, you use a very old and universally understandable language. Even today, roses and violets are messengers of love or friendship, because great feelings can be expressed through delicate flowers.

The #ArtAperitivo will be broadcast live on Tuesday, March 23rd at 6 p.m. on the Instagram channel of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. During the conversation, viewers can put their questions directly to the two experts in the comments at any time.

Spring gift ideas from the museum

Easter is just around the corner and so the Kunsthistorisches Museum is also offering numerous beautiful gift ideas from the museum at the beginning of spring: Colorful products from the museum shop now spice up everyday life or the office and colorful accessories refine special occasions. Flowers say more than a thousand words – and in the form of an art sponsorship, for example for a dainty bouquet of flowers from the art chamber, they can become a very special and sustainable gift for a loved one.

All offers for the “Spring awakening in the museum” as well as the regularly updated program can be found on the website

Press images the flower still life from the “Blossoming Cabinet” can be found here

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