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Standard wants to continue to believe … in playoffs 2: “Focusing on the final would be a mistake”

Lhen of the three matches he still has to play, against Ghent, Eupen and Beerschot, he will try to hang on to… hang in spite of everything in Playoffs 2 which would constitute the minimum union given the sum of his individual talents. A fortiori if the latter show the combativeness and solidarity displayed in Limburg. “Of course, we could have won but for the same price, we could just as easily have gone home without any unity. Thus explained Hugo Siquet, reservist at the kickoff. Despite everything, we saw that we regained our confidence, that we were very good in the counterattack even if we narrowly missed the finish. Our ambition is of course to win this Cup final but we will not only aim for that at the risk of dispersing. “

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