The best clay pots for Indian cooking
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The best clay pots for Indian cooking

Cooking is an exciting skill because even if you can’t physically go outside, being able to prepare something edible is a feat to be proud of. Yes, we can’t all be a Martha Stewart and our creations are more or less like dog food. However, we shouldn’t just hang up our aprons after a burnt meal (or five) and learn to practice, practice, practice some more. Also having the right kitchen paraphernalia is just as important as having the right ingredients i.e. the best clay pots for Indian cooking.

Yes folks, your kitchen paraphernalia is responsible for all your culinary disasters and not your skill (you’re welcome!). On the subject of Indian cuisine, isn’t Indian food amazing? All the heavenly spicy smells combined with the delicious and spicy flavor that makes your eyes water but your taste buds dance the tango. Taste and sight are the two senses that can make a trip even when you can’t. In these uncertain times of dealing with a global pandemic, being able to travel seems like a forgotten hobby, so we have to indulge our wanderlust in other ways, one of which is exotic foods. That is why authenticity is guaranteed when it comes to preparing certain Indian foods. Finding the right kitchen paraphernalia for Indian cooking becomes an Indiana Jones quest for the Holy Grail of clay pots.

It’s a tedious and often brutal search to find reputable merchants selling what you’re looking for, but what’s the use of that exercise when you don’t even know what you’re looking for? A crock pot is a pot that uses steam to slowly and evenly cook food, which helps keep all of those tangential flavors in. Indian foods tend to be strong, so it’s important to find a pot that can keep all those spices perfectly blended without overcooking. Indian spices are an integral part of the Indian cooking process, so throwing in all those curry powders and such could stick to the bottom of the pot if not insulated properly. All it means is that you need the spices and juices to steam properly by mixing them together and not just sticking them to the pot.

The best clay pots are also visually appealing and add to all the authentic vibe you want to create or recreate. Whether it’s a Manchatti, Chatti or Tangine pot, these naturally porous pots make cooking safe and nutritious. The genuine Indian experience means the proper looking clay pots that are handcrafted or glazed. These pots are eco-friendly, meaning they contain no toxic chemicals or materials, and most are modified for use on gas or electric stovetops.

So, whether you want to cook up a nice curry to tickle your tear ducts or you just want to invest in a crock pot for slow cooking, get yourself a set of the best Indian cooking crock pots. Take your senses on a journey your body can’t immediately follow… Indulge your wanderlust and light your spice.

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