The importance of the title tag

The importance of the title tag

Your website title is arguably one of the most important elements of your website. Search engines give a lot of weight to title tags in deciding relevancy. The title tag is just as important as the visible text (website content) and inbound links.

Search engines use title tags to evaluate information about your website. The words in the title tag are the words that appear in the clickable link on search engine results pages. What you put in the title tag is a key factor in how your website will appear for particular internet searches. Each title tag must be unique and descriptive of that page.

Compose a title tag

A title tag doesn’t need to form a complete sentence, nor does it need to make sense all the time. My personal strategy is also to set up a title tag like “keyphrase Keyphrase Miscellaneous Keywords”.

Search engines will display between 60 and 115 characters (depending on the engine)

It’s important that the keywords and phrases you use in the title tag are also in the content of that page. Using words that are not included in the content will greatly limit its effectiveness, especially for a competitive phrase.

The first phrase in my title tag is considered the most important and will also be used as my main keyphrase. A primary keyword phrase is repeated throughout the content on that page multiple times.

The keywords and phrases used in the title tag must be in the content of that page. Using words that are not included in the content will greatly limit its effectiveness, especially for a competitive phrase.

add geography

Depending on your type of business, geography may be a key focus. If you’re only looking for customers from a specific geographic area, the words in your title tag should reflect that.

Someone looking for a search engine marketing consultant in Minnesota can begin their search by simply entering “search engine marketing consultant” into the search engine. However, once they see that your search returns SEM results from all over the country, they will narrow their search by adding “Minnesota” to their search terms.

Side note: the more focused you can be, the better search engine results you will see, for example:

Search Engine Marketing Consultant Gets Over 9,310,000 Results On Google

Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Consultant gets 1,640,000 results on Google

With which sentence do you think you will have a better chance? The less competition the better, this is where research comes into play. You need to find a middle ground; you want to use phrases that people are actually searching for as well as have minimal competition.

Should I put my company name on my title tag?

Unless your company is well known and already has a brand, I feel like this is just “wasting” title tag space. You should assume that most potential customers will be looking for specific products or services, not a particular company name.

However, I’m sure the idea here is that you would like to be known eventually. In this scenario, I would recommend choosing some pages of your website, but not all, and displaying your company name in part of the title tags of those pages.

If you’re already a well-known business, it’s absolutely essential that you’ve used some of the space in your title tags for your business name.

Now I’m not saying JUST use your business name, you most likely want to stick with a good descriptive phrase and keywords.

For example, if your company has “Rank Higher”. and you are a search engine optimization company in Minnesota, you should not just put the words “Ranking Higher” in your title tag, but rather use something like “Ranking Higher Minnesota Search Engine Optimization Services Search Engine Optimization Services Rankings Marketing websites”.

So remember that while there are many important activities that will result in great search engine placement, you absolutely need to address your title tag. Give it some thought and use the tips mentioned above. In today’s highly competitive market, title tags containing “home page”, “page 1” and “welcome to my website” are no longer sufficient.

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