The Montoise Elise Vanderelst European champion in the 1,500m: “I can hardly believe it”

Elise Vanderlest won in 4: 18.44 after a perfect and very authoritative race. She embarked on a long sprint to beat Germany’s Hanna Klein (4: 20.07) in silver and Spain’s Marta Perez (4: 20.39) in bronze. Britain’s Holly Archer (4: 19.91), second on the track, was disqualified.

This is the third Belgian medal after the historic double in the pentathlon achieved the day before by Nafissatou Thiam (Gold) and Noor Vidts (Silver).

Elise Vanderelst had clocked the third time in her series on Friday, in 4: 10.49, drafted on time, and had the fifth time of all the finalists.

The 23-year-old Montoise took the Belgian record to 4: 05.71 in Liévin in northern France on February 9.

Belgian indoor and outdoor champion and Belgian cross-court champion in 2019 too, Elise Vanderelst collected silver at the 2019 Euro hopes outdoors in 2019 and was 4th at the World Juniors in Bydgoszcz in 2016.

“I can hardly believe it”

Elise Vanderelst was thrilled after her “dream race”. “I can hardly believe it. I didn’t expect it at all because yesterday in the series it was complicated and I had to spend a lot of energy. With my coach, we agreed on a tactical plan and we had decided that I would stay on the rope. When I saw that there was a hole, I slipped in “, said the Montoise, 23, in the mixed zone after her European title .

“I accelerated to get in front of the small group. Guerrero walked past me again, but I knew I could go get her. I had already beaten her. I got in front and I did. my race because I thought it was still behind my back, “added Elise Vanderelst, who won in a very authoritarian way. Elise Vanderelst is keeping the Tokyo Olympics as a major goal for her season, but she has yet to qualify. “For the moment, I am not yet, but I think that this victory will bring me a lot of points (for the world ranking which serves as a basis for qualifying, note), even if the time is not extraordinary . Already, I was not badly classified, so yes the Olympics, it is my objective this summer. “

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