The Pixel Museum in Brussels: an all-you-can-eat game!

Dthem girls sigh in front of a window: “Rhooo, I had it, you remember? They are not 20 years old. Further on, a man in his fifties is playing “Sonic”, controller in hand, standing in front of a screen embedded in the wall. The air only resonates with beep beep and of tibidibidi
: it feels like the belly of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo and Chewbacca’s ship. Or in an electronic Ali Baba cave. Pulsating, as if alive.

Three options: you are young and you were born with a joystick in your hand. The Pixel Museum, which left France to settle on the Tour et Taxis site in Brussels, in addition to teaching you a million things that even Wikipedia ignores, will make you experience the best time of the year ( which in itself is not very complicated).

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