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The use of stains for negative energies and influences in your home

Staining or “smoking” is a form of purification among Native Americans. Typically white sage is used, but other herbs such as sweat grass and cedar are often used as well. Many commercial smudging sticks come in a combination of herbs wrapped like sage / cedar together.

Once lit, the smoke from the smudging wand (or chunks of sage if using a smudging pot), is used to cover the body or things (scared objects: pipes, feathers, flutes, dance badges, etc.) that need to be cleansed and purified.

It is typical to use the cupped hands to collect the smoke and then smooth it over the “ethnic” body (the aura). Also, feather fans are used to help the smoke spread throughout the body or object.

Smudging pots can be various elements: clay pots, iron stands, or the most common abalone shells.

Staining is seen as a form of prayer, a great connection to the Spirit. Asking for a blessing, a protection.

It is also very typical to stain a house or a car. When negative things have happened or you have unwanted negative entities in your home. It’s a good way to “clean the slate” and give it a fresh, clean feeling. It helps dissipate energy and allows us to start something fresh.

While staining, you can say a prayer to say while talking to the Spirit. Feel free to use it, knowing that once someone is given a story or prayer, it is theirs, use this by giving credit to Tina Michelle who is the author of this Native American Prayer.


When I think of the Great Spirit,

of the Saint,

I think of the sweet love of a grandfather.

So, I ask you, grandpa,

to hear my prayers.

Bless my feet, grandfather, so that they are on the right track.

Bless my knees to be humble in prayer.

Blessed be my stomach, so I never go hungry.

Bless my heart to always act with love.

Bless my arms so that I can carry the burdens of my loved ones.

Bless my hands that bring the only good things.

Bless my shoulders so that they can carry the weight of my works.

Bless my throat so that I can speak kindly.

Bless my eyes so that I can see beyond the horizon.

Bless my mind so that I can be open and forgive.

Grandpa, thank you for all these blessings.

It’s good!


I don’t know where these quotes originated. most are sent by email. Many thanks to the original authors.

“As we have been taught, certain plants have entered into a sacred pact with us bipeds: in exchange for our respectful treatment with them, they will give their lives so that we can have their purifying smoke to clean with and to pray, to maintain balance and keep our walk sacred. This means that we should collect plants with honor, asking permission and giving thanks, taking only what we need and not damaging the plant. “

“You can use the following blur ceremony in a way or you can create a shape that is right for you. No shape is right or wrong. Place the abalone shell in front of you and thank you, out loud or silently, for the life that you created it and for helping you in this ceremony. Place the herb (s) you will use in the husk, thanking each one as you hold it. They have died so you could have this smoke. That should not inspire guilt, but appreciation For the sacrifice, one day you will give your body for other beings on earth.

Then turn on the smudge mixture. As you draw out the flame, thank Father Sun, from where all the fires arise, and also thank the spirit of Fire for coming to help you with this ceremony. Make sure a little of each plant that you have put in the bowl lights up. That way, the smoke will contain all the energies you have chosen to work with. Fan the fire gently with your feather until the herbs burn enough to create enough smoke. Then use the pen to put out the fire, with a quick pass or two. If the stain appears to be fading, fan it vigorously until it is smoking again. If it turns off, it’s okay to turn it back on.

Now, using both hands like a cup, take some smoke and bring it to your heart. Catch more smoke and pass it over your head and neck. Then, with each hand, one at a time, pass the smoke down the opposite arm and hand. Then, with both hands, bring more smoke to the navel and down the legs to the ground. This process cleanses our hearts, minds, and bodies and helps us stay grounded. When doing this, it is good to see that the smoke takes away any physical concerns or injuries.

You can now smudge any objects you like by passing them through the smoke from all four directions, starting from the east. Have the item cleaned for your use or gift. If you are staining with other people, stain yourself first and then hold the shell by its edges for others to stain it. It can also stain a house or room that needs cleaning. Walk around the room with the burning stain and, with your pen, expel negative energies through an open door or window. When you’re done, let the ashes cool and carefully return them to Earth. Now they are going to be a soil from which new life emerges, so show respect for this part of the ceremony as well, and thoughtfully empty the ashes, thanking the herbs and fire again.

Many people blur before any other ceremony, to start the day, or before and after a serious discussion. For us, this is a very real ceremony. After doing it, we feel better, our energy feels lighter, and the day goes better. And it is good to clean your house from time to time to remove any stagnant energy. Above all, keep in mind that with the ceremony it is the sacred intention of bipeds that opens the door for these powers to work with us.

The power of sage is the power to ward off negative energies. California (wide leaves) and desert (smaller leaves) sage are used interchangeably, or even sometimes together, but generally people prefer one or the other.

Sweet herb has the power to invoke positive energies. Its sweet smell helps make us and our objects sweet to the spirit. It is sometimes called the hair of Mother Earth and is braided in the field, lovingly, before being harvested.

Evergreens (cedar, juniper, and pinion pine) provide balance and harmony.

Lavender has a calming and relaxing influence.

Rose petals invoke the power of the heart.

Unknown author as well.


Needed: sage, sweet grass, cedar or tobacco, alone or in combination, or other herbs; a shell or a natural bowl (clay, ceramic); a feather or fan; coincidences; sand or fine soil.

1. Mix the plants to be used, place them in a husk or sturdy container and light them. Some herbal blends do not stay on well. You may need to put a charcoal briquette in the container first. Before lighting the charcoal or herbs, make sure there is some dirt or sand at the bottom of the bowl or shell. This will keep it from being too hot to hold.

2. When the herbs are lit, use a fan or feather from a home-raised bird * (chicken, turkey, pheasant or duck) to fan the flame. Throughout the ceremony, you will need to fan the herbs to keep them burning.
* Non-indigenous people are not allowed to own eagle feathers.

3. Once the herbs are burning, draw the smoke (not the bowl, just the smoke) toward your heart, then onto your head, arms, and body. Now move the smoke over the back of your body towards the ground. If you need a special balance or healing in any part of your body, you can emphasize by pulling the smoke towards the area.

4. It is your responsibility to clear your own energy field. Plants help. They don’t do it for you.

5. Next, offer smoke in all six directions: toward the Creator, toward Earth, and then north, east, south, and west, in that order.

6. After you have stained yourself and offered the stain, you can hold the bowl while others stain themselves, or you can stain them. They must draw the smoke towards themselves, first to the heart, above the head, through the arms, through the chest and down the back.

7. You can now walk around the area you are going to use, letting the smoke escape as you go. If indoors, stain around the walls of the room, paying special attention to the corners.

8. Spot the medicinal tools that you will use during the ceremonies.

You can incorporate this Spotting Ceremony and customize it to suit your cleaning needs at the time. Make the necessary adjustments to clean and clean the space to get rid of the negative entities that are disruptive in your home and also in your family.

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