The wonderful healing power of the Dead Sea
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The wonderful healing power of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth on any land mass – -417 meters below sea level and can also be called “the world’s lowest health spa”. It is the only place in the world that combines everything for the greatest health effects: year-round warm weather, higher atmospheric pressure, oxygen-enriched and very low allergen content in the atmosphere, reduced UVB solar radiation, rich salt in minerals and mud.

It is known that Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba used black mud and salts, which contain more than 20 types of mineral elements and provide health, relaxation and beauty.

Research has shown that Dead Sea products have a lasting positive therapeutic effect on dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions. The most popular is the mud mask, which helps to tighten the pores and stimulates and nourishes the skin, giving it a radiant and more youthful appearance.

The mud from the Dead Sea is rich in minerals that have antiseptic qualities. Covering the body in mud helps the minerals to be absorbed into the body while the top layer of the skin is purified and cleansed. Covering your body in black mud can provide protection to the skin against physical ailments, such as black spots, acne, back pimples, arthritis, muscle stiffness, rheumatism, and degenerative joint diseases.

Salt is a natural ingredient with few side effects. Used topically or in a bath, the salt has many healing properties that can benefit you. It can be used to relieve acne and skin irritations, hives, psoriasis, dry and cracked skin, rheumatic conditions, muscle aches, stress, and insomnia.

Salt packs have been used for years as a swelling remedy and pain relief. A warm compress made with salt is said to reduce inflammation and infection.

A salt scrub is a formulation of salt and other ingredients that is used to exfoliate dead skin from the body. Regular exfoliation promotes healthy, glowing skin by removing layers of debris and dead material in one go.

Dead Sea Salt is renowned for its ability to renew skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, smooth and smooth, and leave skin looking younger. Dead Sea Cosmetics help skin retain water and help keep it hydrated. More moisture in the skin leads to a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and the prevention of the formation of new wrinkles.

For more than 2,000 years, people have recognized the healing powers of the Dead Sea. The extraordinary chemical composition has made Dead Sea products an ideal solution for people seeking relief from skin, rheumatism and other disorders.

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