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Tim Hortons is awesome

I was recently visiting friends and some friends of friends in the Great White North (ie Canada) and realized that Canadians know their food. At least they know fast food. I’m talking about Tim Hortons, a restaurant chain that hardly anyone back home has heard of. I came to the conclusion that if there was a Tim Hortons in South Florida, where I live, no one would ever set foot in a Dunkin Donuts again. Ever.

Imagine the scene in mid-March in suburban Montreal after a night out and one thing everyone can agree on is “Where can I get a quick hot breakfast?” When my friend Steve and his wife Adriana suggested Tim Hortons, I still didn’t know what the hell they were talking about. I was thinking about ihop, being from the US and all. One thing is for sure, they definitely knew what they were talking about. Tim Hortons, I discovered, is Dunkin-Donuts/Ihop/McDonald’s Canadian breakfast and then some.

Now, I try to stay fit and I don’t necessarily eat daily donuts and buttery croissants. But as you know, cravings are cravings, a good breakfast is better when it’s 15 degrees outside, and coffee is a must. I realized that this place has it all. Impressive breakfast, which is its main attraction. Actually very good coffee, cheap. You can get egg whites, whole wheat bread and there is an excellent selection of salads and sandwiches that are reasonably low in calories. But if you want to treat yourself, Tim Hortons is excellent. Long story short, if these places start popping up more in the US, a lot of franchises will suffer very quickly (I later found out there are several in the Upper Midwest and Northeast).

I highly recommend this place, and while I tend to keep my fast food and general restaurant consumption to a minimum, it’s not easy to find a meal that’s cheap, quick, satisfying, and, if you like, healthy. She impressed me, and I hope they open one near me. Are you hearing business franchise types out there? It’s going to be a success! I promise!

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