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Time to convert Neckermann vouchers into bookings

Neckermann is on the verge of financial collapse. The tour operator was formerly part of Thomas Cook, which went bankrupt at the end of September 2019. Neckermann was then saved by the Spanish company Wamos, but it is also not doing well in the corona crisis. If no financial means are found by February 22 to continue the activities, the company can be declared bankrupt.

Only once the booking has been confirmed will it be back under the protection of the insurance.

Simon November

Spokesperson Test Purchase

Test Purchase reminds that people who have already booked a package holiday (the combination flight and hotel) or are in possession of a ‘corona voucher’ (issued between March 20 and June 19, 2020) are covered in the event of bankruptcy. Neckermann is insured against financial insolvency with the insurer Amlin and in principle the repayment of the advance or the full travel sum is therefore guaranteed.

Loss on vouchers

But anyone with a voucher issued outside of those dates is not covered and runs the risk of losing their money. Test Purchase advises all travelers concerned to convert their vouchers into bookings before 22 February. For example, an appeal can be made to the insurance of the tour operator.

Due to the short term, there is some hurry involved. “Only once the booking has been confirmed will she be back under the protection of the insurance,” emphasizes Simon November, spokesman for Test Purchase.

No problem at Sunweb

There is no problem for those who booked their trip with Sunweb through a Neckermann shop. Since the end of 2019, Sunweb Group has had a strategic partnership with Neckermann whereby Sunweb holidays can be booked through the Neckermann shops. But these bookings take place integrally on the Sunweb platform and the payments go directly to Sunweb Group.

‘The bookings are fully covered by the terms and conditions and guarantees of Sunweb Group’, says Tim van den Bergh, communications director of Sunweb. ‘This means that the vouchers that we spend after 20 June are also covered because Sunweb is insured with the Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden in the Netherlands. In contrast to the Belgian Travel Guarantee Fund, this fund also covers vouchers that were issued later. ‘

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