Turnaround in the controversy: the players will be able to wear the bikinis during the Doha beach volleyball tournament

This is the very first women’s beach volleyball tournament in Qatar. On Monday, the German star pair Karla Borger / Julia Sude announced their intention to boycott the tournament due to the ban on wearing bikinis. The International Federation updated the tournament regulations on Tuesday evening, available online, and in particular article 10 concerning the players’ outfits. “Following discussions, the QVA confirmed on February 23 that there are no restrictions for the players, if they wish to wear the standard dress during the competition in Qatar.”

The previous version of this article 10, dated February 16, stipulated that: “for women’s outfits, in order to respect local culture and tradition, with the full support of sportswomen, it is expected that all participating women’s teams use a short-sleeved t-shirt to wear under the official women’s tournament top and knee-length shorts, in training and in matches. “

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