Twitter Marketing Best Practices

Twitter Marketing Best Practices

Social media is here to stay and using it for marketing will only become more important as more people embrace this channel for giving and receiving information. This article focuses on Twitter, but these basic principles can be applied to any social network or even traditional offline marketing techniques. Neither concept is difficult to apply.

If all you do is send out a 140-character tweet that says, “Buy this great thing now! Link to my site,” then you might get a sale or two. Heck, if you have a big enough list, you can even be fooled into thinking it’s effective. You may get some quick results; You won’t have lasting results if you don’t give people a reason to do it. stay connected.

Lead with value.This is the first fundamental principle of marketing, and by far the most important. Leading with value leaves the door open for you to determine what “value” is to you and your market. I have provided value by writing this article. You can add value by sharing this article (and others you like) or by posting a quote that others might find inspiring and therefore valuable. It really is that simple. The more you give, the more you receive.

Keep it interesting and varied. Every post doesn’t have to be the best, the newest idea, or even specific to your topic. Find a good date, a video that’s interesting or funny, share ways to save money, get organized or save time, or just post a funny photo. There’s an endless supply of quality content you can post, so when you’re ready to post a sales tweet, prospects will actually look at you instead of saying to themselves, “Here we go again with another sales pitch” and press “delete”. .

Don’t overwhelm yourself with “selling” tweets.There are different theories about how often you should put a sales tweet in your rotation. Those ratios range from one sales tweet in every three tweets to one in ten. I tend to subscribe to one in ten arena myself. I’d rather people stay connected with me than feel pressured or annoyed by a constant barrage of “BUY! BUY! BUY!” tweets Wouldn’t you delete someone if they did that to you?

Respond to Direct Messages (DM).This is a very effective way to build a relationship with your followers. Also, thank people for their comments or retweets of your content. Remember that Twitter is a two-way street: it’s not just for you to exploit content. It is to create relationships. Take some time and explore some of the sites and links that your followers send you and comment on them. People love receiving compliments and knowing that you are “listening.”

Build relationships. Twitter is a quick and easy way to connect with people and open the door to genuine conversation. Once you have hired someone, you have a much higher chance that they will buy your products or services. After all, people don’t buy based on the facts. They buy for emotion. When you interact with someone, you build trust, and that’s essential to a lasting relationship and a sale.

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