Unusual: a fox steals a bag in the middle of the day in Brussels

It is a scene to say the least unusual. This Thursday, Chipeur the fox was passing through Brussels and took the opportunity to steal a bag in broad daylight.

These are images that we are not used to seeing every day, but which make us smile. Last Thursday, at the Place Constantin Meunier in Forest, a red fox, on a mop, entered the garage of a house and came out with a bag in his mouth. Pierre, a Brussels resident, filmed the whole scene, “What a rascal this fox”, he laughs on Facebook. He also explains that he followed him to his lair so that he could return the bag to its owner. The video elicited several reactions. “Too cute”, “How elegant”, “He does not look wild at all”, we can read in the comments in particular.

But other Internet users were less enthusiastic, fearing that the animal could carry diseases. It is true that this lack of natural distrust of humans in wild animals can be one of the symptoms of rabies. But let the inhabitants of Brussels be reassured, there is no reason to be afraid. The foxes, being more and more numerous in town, have simply become accustomed to the presence of men. In addition, rabies has been eradicated in Belgium. However, to prevent the population of these malicious little beings from increasing too much, Brussels Environment reminds the population that it is not recommended to feed them.

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