What is an Internet Business?

What is an Internet Business?

Today we are going to discuss: What is an Internet business and what does it mean to you. The simple definition of an Internet business is: “Any web-based activity that generates income or a return for you.” This is my definition. This can be money that we all like, they can be customers for a brick and mortar business. Internet products can be digital, such as movies, e-books, and reports. Durable goods are also sold over the Internet. Generally, an Internet business contains these parts:

* A Web page. This can be a blog or a static website consisting of multiple pages.
* A method of collecting payment, usually credit card service or PayPal.
* A plan to generate traffic
* Your personal computer
* Software to generate the website.
* Knowledge to put it all together.

Yes this sounds like a lot of work. It is. If you thought you were going to click your mouse a few times and get rich instantly, close this page right now. I can’t help you. If you’re still interested, then continue.

A favorite way to do business on the Internet is eBay. Almost anything can be bought or sold through eBay. Many people use eBay to supplement their income or create another stream of income. For many, eBay has become a full-time business.

A second favorite business is affiliate marketing. When you sell someone else’s product over the Internet, you become their “affiliate.” Typically you promote and sell the product while the “product owner” handles payment and delivery. Usually it works something like this. You put a web page on the internet that promotes a product. When someone “clicks” (clicks to go to the affiliate sales page), a computer code is generated that tells the owner that they have sent a customer. If the customer purchases the product, the owner of the product will pay the agreed percentage of the purchase price.

That page is then promoted, advertised, and made visible to as many people as possible. This is accomplished by many different methods. This is called traffic generation. Just like the downtown store, you need to get people to your front door. There are many ways that the Internet is used for marketing. I use various methods to “sell” my brick and mortar repair business.

* Videos on automotive maintenance.
* A Web page.
* Telephone ads in yellow pages and internet.
* Articles published on the Internet.

As you can see, internet marketing is a broad subject. Do not visit the website in my bio if you know everything about internet marketing, if you don’t then this is a great place to start for the beginner or advanced marketer.

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