When to start baby on solid foods
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When to start baby on solid foods

The answer to the question “when should I start feeding my baby solid foods?” it is, simply put, when your pediatrician tells you that it is okay for your baby to have solid foods. The American Academy of Pediatrics guidance states that the right time to start giving your baby solid foods is between four and six months.

It’s even better if you start closer to six months. When your baby is a few months old, his immature digestive system is designed for breast milk or infant formula that is similar to breast milk. No solid food can compare to breast milk or formula for its nutritional quality, tailored to the needs of a young baby.

Until your baby is at least four months old, he will not be physically ready to eat solid foods. For one thing, the baby doesn’t have enough saliva to help him digest solid food. The digestive enzymes necessary to digest cereals are not present in the baby’s body. Your immature kidneys are also not ready for protein-rich foods like meat and eggs, or even cow’s milk.

His throat muscles are not sufficiently developed either; she cannot swallow solid food or transfer food from the front of her mouth to the back.

Your baby has no way of letting you know that he is full. When he finishes nursing or bottle feeding, he stops nursing or falls asleep. But until she is four or five months old, he cannot turn his head to refuse solid food. This can cause overweight and obesity in adulthood. If she starts solid foods too soon, she may develop respiratory problems or food allergies later in life. Therefore, consult your doctor before starting solid foods.

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