Where and how to find affiliate products to promote?

Once you have your own target market and know their needs and wants, the next question is where and how to find relevant affiliate products to promote so you can make money. This is what I am going to talk about in this article.

1.Click on the bank

The first place you can go is what most of the gurus have been preaching to their students.

FYI, ClickBank is among the largest online marketplaces for the sale of digital and information products in the form of e-books, video tutorials, software, and website templates, whether HTML or WordPress.

They range from arts and entertainment, business and investing, health and fitness to self-help, etc.

Signing up with ClickBank is free and easy.

However, to earn your first commissions, you must generate at least 5 sales as of this writing before you have the option of having checks delivered to your home or direct deposits to your bank account.


Originally founded by established online marketer Mike Filsaime and now taken over by another named Shawn Casey, this is where I started making my first commissions.

It’s a lot like ClickBank when it comes to promoting informational courses.

Once you have made the commissions, you will be paid via PayPal which you can withdraw and deposit to your bank account.

3. Amazon

The second affiliate market is Amazon, known worldwide.

Unlike ClickBank, they mainly sold physical products like things that people like you and I buy every day in stores and shops.

Like wine, video games, appliances, electronics, clothing, and accessories, to name a few.

To get paid, you must earn at least $100 in commissions before the check is mailed to your house. Although they also have direct bank deposit, that option is only available to US residents currently.

The only downside is that they pay only 4% to start. But once you’ve helped them make more sales, they’ll eventually increase that rate.

4. Market health

Market Health is another affiliate network that deals mainly with health and beauty products for men and women.

Here you have the option to get paid for every sale or lead you generated for them.

Once you are registered and approved as an affiliate, you will be issued an ATM card with which you can withdraw money from your local bank once you have made commissions.

5. More niche

More Niche is a direct competitor of Market Health.

The only difference is that they not only provide you with the tools and resources like graphics, landing page templates, articles, reports, and ads for free, but they also provide you with an affiliate manager to guide you if you are new to all of this. internet marketing game.

Here you also have the option to receive checks, direct deposits or payment through PayPal.

These are the top 5 places I’ve channeled my efforts over the past 5 years.

You can also do your due diligence to find others by simply typing your niche followed by affiliate networks into Google

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