Where Are Florida Iguanas?

Florida Iguanas

Green iguanas are a growing problem in Florida. While they do not harm people, they do pose a threat to Florida’s ecosystem. Thankfully, there are ways to get rid of these invasive species without harming the animals. You can contact a company like World Class Wildlife Removal for more information.

Green iguanas are large lizards that are sometimes red, orange, or blue. They are often very friendly and start out small, but eventually grow into five feet-long, 15-pound animals. Green iguanas have only been present in Florida since the mid-1960s, when they were likely brought here on Cuban cargo ships.

The species was introduced to Florida as pets, and it is now widespread throughout the state. Green iguanas were brought to Florida by pet owners, and the 1992 hurricane Andrew helped their spread. The storm’s debris piles provided perfect nesting areas for the green iguanas. Female iguanas lay between ten and 70 eggs at a time.

Where Are Florida Iguanas?

Green iguanas first appeared in Miami-Dade County in the mid-sixties. They later spread to Lee County, Palm Beach County, and Monroe County. Some of these animals were escaped from homes and were released into the wild. Other iguanas were rescued and raised as pets by people. The subtropical climate of Florida makes it the perfect habitat for iguanas. They thrive in Florida’s warm, humid climate. It also supports a wide variety of native and invasive plants and animals. A good way to protect the animals is by keeping them away from human-made structures.

In addition to sunbathing on roofs, iguanas also invaded farms and streets, blocking sidewalks and pooping all over the place. And after that, the residents of Florida were left with a huge problem – iguanas. In an attempt to repopulate the iguana population, many people have begun bashing the iguanas in the head.

Fortunately, Florida residents can now kill green iguanas for pets in certain areas. Although you will need to seek the help of a professional guide if you plan to kill an iguana. The green iguana’s meat is tasty and is similar to that of the gator. People often compare it to chicken. Green iguanas are widespread in south Florida, but they can also be found in north Florida. They can damage your property by leaving excrement everywhere and burrowing under the foundations of homes. Fortunately, there are ways to keep the iguanas from overrunning your area. If you do move to Florida, don’t bring any of your non-native items back.

Because of their cold-blooded nature, iguanas become immobile when temperatures dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the animals do not die during cold temperatures, the chilly weather does slow them down and make them fall from trees. They may also become tainted with feces if they are exposed to these conditions. It is therefore crucial to protect them from potential predators.

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