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Who do you say you are?

I once worked for a man who viewed me as his personal property. I’m not saying there was something unpleasant about our relationship (which was strictly professional), just that he saw me as my position when he hired me: his assistant. No more no less.

It does not matter that he would work for the company a total of more than five years. In her mind, all I was to be was an assistant. Not that there is anything wrong with that except it wasn’t all I I wanted to be.

You see, I saw myself as something else. I wanted more than answering phones and setting hours. I needed more.

When a personal crisis interrupted my otherwise monotonous life, I decided it was time to go. No it wasn’t easy, but my point is that I I had to make the necessary changes to fulfill my life; He was not dependent on anyone else. In fact, looking back, I realize it wasn’t fair of me to expect my former employer to ‘make things happen’ for me. He paid me to be an assistant … and I gladly cashed those checks every week … as an assistant.

But when it came time to do it, I stopped … big time. And I didn’t look back.

So … let me ask you: what do you want? What do YOU ​​feel you deserve? What are YOUR needs? And if those needs, goals, desires are not fulfilling a deeper meaning for you, what do YOU ​​plan to do about it?

If you’re willing to work hard, put in a little extra time … then “jump right in, guys … water’s fine.”

Trust me, it’s worth the dive.

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