Why Custom WordPress Themes Are Always The Best For Creating Unique Websites

Do you have plans to start your own blogging website, but still have doubts that your existing WordPress theme would look cluttered? We are all aware that WordPress development is a great option for business owners to build their site as it is easy to maintain and affordable. Today, millions of businesses are buying WP templates simply because they are cheap and can offer a decent look and feel to their website, but sometimes some things are missing with a template.

In fact, WordPress custom development has become the hottest topic in the web development industry and this platform stands out as an excellent blogging tool and CMS that has two key features including template system and strong plugin architecture.

Choosing a custom WordPress theme:

WordPress is an open source CMS that started as a simple blogging tool, which has now evolved into something that is feature rich and can create amazing sites. One of the best features of WP development is that its support for themes makes it easy to customize the look and feel as per your website requirements. Since it is an open source platform, developers can easily work on it and improve it accordingly, making it easy to customize by using its codes and installing a theme created by someone else.

Although you can find both free and paid WordPress themes for your project, it is important to make a wise decision, as it is important to save money or save efforts. If in case you want to modify the pre-built WordPress themes according to your preferences, you can do it through customization. It is good to use pre-built themes as it saves a lot of your valuable time, but in case you want your website to stand out from the others, it is best to take advantage of customization services.

Developing a custom theme has its own advantages and here are some of them:

exact design: Once you choose a specific theme, it can be modified into an exact implementation of your design down to the pixels. Instead of having to settle for someone else’s design decisions and enjoy limited functionality, WP Customization helps you build the theme and create something that exactly fits your needs.

Enhanced Security: Custom themes are less likely to have security holes because you are using only a few features and less code. Though if you encounter some bugs or glitches, you don’t have to wait for security support or bug patch from a third party. You can easily fix them as soon as you find them.

Uniqueness: The theme you choose can be made unique based on your site. This means that your website will be the only one using it and will not look like any of the other sites using the same theme with different colors.

Limited use of plugins: With a custom WordPress theme, you can easily build the functionality of most of the plugins you want to use directly into the theme. This is true for the plugins you will use for content design and customization. This will reduce the dependency on any 3rd party plugins and will also make the theme run faster as the plugin codes will not be injected during runtime.

No function overload: Most of the third-party themes contain numerous features and customization codes and these are necessary for you to meet the various requirements of the clients. Custom themes don’t need a plethora of features that you won’t use. All unwanted features add extra executable codes and this can potentially slow down your website speed.

search engine optimization: A custom WordPress theme is usually best suited for SEO as it is very clean with no additional source code. There are no other additional features and those that are required can be integrated into the theme instead of having to use additional plugins. You can also use the appropriate HTML tags for the content without customizing the layouts. Clean codes often make the website very light and there are several themes and frameworks that specialize in speed, but a custom theme is the best option you have.

Besides these, in wordpress development, WordPress developers are easy to find and thus making your website according to your choice becomes easy as well. Technical assistance and support is always available at reasonable prices and along with this, you can also easily access various tools.

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