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Why won’t my boyfriend accept me? 3 reasons why you won’t reverse the breakup

Your boyfriend dumped you, but every time you try to talk to him, he just seems to get mad? Many women do not understand how someone so close to them can suddenly become so cold. If you feel like your boyfriend is running away, along with any chance of getting back together, the following guidelines can go a long way.

You’re fighting your decision to break up

Breaking up with you was a decision your boyfriend made, and it was probably a difficult decision. Before sitting down with you and finishing things, she first mapped everything in her heart and mind. After coming to the conclusion that they should be apart, her boyfriend tried to think of the best way to break things up, one that included the least amount of drama.

Crying, begging, begging … these things prolong the breakup process and can make your boyfriend very uncomfortable with you in the future. Right now, you want your ex to feel comfortable talking or communicating with you … not the other way around. Fighting the breakup or trying to get your boyfriend to change his mind? You are making him feel combative or defensive every time he meets you.

You’re trying to blame your ex to get you back together

One thing most men agree on: guilt sucks. If you are throwing a pity party with the intention of making your ex boyfriend feel bad, what you are really doing is pushing him away. Why won’t my ex boyfriend accept me? Probably because he is so taken aback by your behavior that he just doesn’t know what to do or say around you.

Staying calm and collected can go a long way toward undoing the breakup. When your ex sees that you have handled the breakup in a mature and civilized way, they are much more likely to consider dating you again. Perhaps not immediately, but it has laid the groundwork to facilitate reconciliation in the future.

You are exhibiting desperate demeanor after the breakup

Do you remember when you met your boyfriend? He was attracted to your appearance, of course, but also to many of your personality traits. If you were outgoing, fun, confident, and independent, these are all behaviors guys look for in a potential girlfriend. Getting your boyfriend back requires you to take a good look at yourself right now … and be honest with what you see.

You can’t get your ex back if you are an emotional wreck. Constantly calling, emailing, or texting your ex is a sign of desperation and need. The more you push, the faster your boyfriend will run in the opposite direction. What if he seems to always get mad at you? It’s mainly because he doesn’t know how to handle this less attractive new version of you.

Understand something: feelings just don’t go away. Your boyfriend still has strong emotional ties to you, but right now he’s trying to ignore them. To move on, he is saving his feelings for you and trying to put them aside. This does not mean that he no longer loves you, it just means that he is looking for a change.

The good news? There are methods and techniques to help you change it. Even if your ex hasn’t paid much attention to you since the breakup, there are ways to get his attention back to you. By learning these methods and establishing a step-by-step plan, you can speed up the process of getting your boyfriend back even when he doesn’t seem like he will accept you.

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