Xbox 360 Penny Cheat! – Is the penny trick a permanent solution?

There is no end to the different ways one can try to fix the dreaded red rings of death on the Xbox 360 and the penny hack is one such way that seems to be popular. However, does it really work?

What does the Xbox 360 penny hack involve?

The penny trick requires 12 cents, some duct tape, and a hot glue gun. First, you need to open your console and remove the motherboard. Next, you need to turn the motherboard upside down and locate the 4 black RAM chips around the GPU.

The next step is to make 4 stacks of 3 pennies and then wrap the tape around each stack so that the copper is not visible. Next, glue the 4 batteries to the 4 RAM chips with a little glue. When you turn the motherboard back over, the pennies should stick to the RAM.

Does it really work?

The reason this is supposed to work is because the pennies that are attached to the Ram chips have created a gap under the motherboard that gives you more room to breathe while at the same time holding the RAM chips firmly. attached to the motherboard ensuring good connections.

Although this sounds like a good solution, unfortunately it only seems to last a couple of months before you get the ring of death again!

This could be due to the fact that copper is a good conductor of electricity and HEAT, and heat is the last thing you want due to the Xbox 360’s overheating problem. So it would seem that the penny trick is actually a solution of! Poor man’s X-clamp and it’s not a permanent fix!

A permanent solution for the red ring of death!

A much better solution for the red ring of death is to invest in a professional Xbox 360 repair guide. These guides will help you get to the root of the Xbox 360 overheating problem and show you how to fix it permanently.

The best thing about these guides is that they have been developed by industry professionals, not a techno geek or would-be technicians! A professional repair guide will include a set of high-quality demo videos so you can see exactly what is involved.

So instead of using unapproved methods to fix the red ring of death, the best advice I can give you is to buy one of these guides. They only cost around $ 30, which is a small price to pay when you consider that they will show how to permanently fix the ring of death in less than 1 hour!

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