Aion – a charmingly beautiful multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG)

Aion is a Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG) created by a Korean developer. Crowds of online players gravitate towards the game because of its complexities, imaginative characters, and because players can create the essential characteristics of each character, i.e. voice, face, build, skin color, type , etc.

What is the world of Aion like? The basic plot features the character Aion who is constantly watched by Atreia, the world. Aion created humans and employed Balaur to watch over them, but Balaur became hungry for power, placing this character in direct parallel with Satan. In the process of Balaur’s obsessive campaign, five of his subordinates gained superhuman strength and became Dragon Lords, but Aion did not allow them to retain their power, so these pesky subordinates rebelled against their creator. At that moment, Aion was forced to create Lords of Divinity to guard the Tower of Eternity.

The plot is much more complicated, but basically the players are drawn into the game as inhabitants of the chosen world: some will choose Elysea and others will choose Asmodae. At first, raiders are assigned small and seemingly unimportant tasks until they are completed successfully. At that point, after preventing Balaur from being brought back to the starting area, they will hopefully get their wings and become immortalized Daevas.

From this moment on, the new life purpose of these Daevas is to protect their people, transforming themselves into holy servants.

The tone of the game greatly differs between the worlds. The environments and landscapes change drastically as well, but the main progression and pace of the game remain the same.

How many groups and classes are there? When it comes to classes and groups, there are eight specialized classes and four basic classes in the game, and when the player finally reaches level 9, they have to choose between two specialized groups, based on their pre-existing class. .

For example, a Warrior can evolve into Gladiator or Templar, and Wizards can evolve into Spiritual Masters or Sorcerers. A maximum of six players can form a party, and they all share in the loot that comes with victory. There are specific areas of the game that are created primarily for group play, and at other times in the game it is a necessity to belong to a group.

And for those instances of the game that seem highly challenging, an alliance can be formed for battle, involving four groups at once. Aion has been developing and improving its design since 2006, and the last test shelter took place in May 2009. There will be major changes relatively soon, which is hard to imagine because the game is already so far ahead of its time.

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