Bragging can be the result of low self-esteem

Don’t get me wrong; there are many people who have earned bragging rights, such as soldiers who have survived war or doctors who have provided a cure for a disease or illnesses. These people have earned the right to brag and have learned to do it gracefully.

As an adult, it’s perfectly appropriate to brag when it comes to a testimonial speech, but calling someone to tell them every time you’re on your way to the beauty salon, nail salon, or clothes shopping is a hassle.

Teenagers, don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly appropriate for you to announce your mini-adventures. It’s not bragging when teens announce their every move, it’s called “enjoy the moment” and share that moment with your close friends.

In my experience, adults who continually brag about the little things that have happened in their daily lives grew up in extreme poverty and/or with few privileges. These adults feel the need to show off to increase their self-esteem.

I know a lot of us didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in our mouths as well as I did. However, we were inculcated with morals, values, and beliefs to teach us to behave gracefully in society.

Showing off will not increase your popularity within your community or circle of adults. But turning your art of bragging into an engaging mentoring program can help underprivileged kids boost their confidence knowing that they, too, can lift themselves out of poverty and have the things they want.

So, grown-up braggarts, before you start announcing your daily routines to your close friends and colleagues, take a moment and think, “Is what I’m about to say worth listening to?” If the shoe was on the other foot, is it worth taking time out of my busy schedule to listen to the content?

Braggers, have you ever noticed that your close friends and colleagues don’t call you to broadcast their every move? Remember, if these people are in your community or circle, they are likely to be as successful as you are, or at a higher level.

Braggarts learn the attributes of good conversation; this can improve your own image within your community or circle. So unless you’re calling to talk about the newest restaurant you’ve been to or an exotic vacation, remember that time is precious. No one wants you to call and broadcast every time you’re on your way to get your nails done or shop for new underwear.

If you still feel the need to brag about your every move, you can now broadcast on a “social media” outlet.

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