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Playing the piano just got a little easier for us beginners – Book Review

Playing the piano is not easy, and if it were, we would all be doing it. Learning the basics of playing a piano isn’t really that hard if you focus, but playing well is hard and that takes a lot of practice and hard work. It takes dedication, perseverance and the student must keep going. Perhaps you would like to learn to play the piano? If so, there is a very good book that I would like to recommend to you;

“Piano – All the Way”, by William Gillock, published by the Willis Music Company (Issue No. 9585), Cincinnati, OH, and copyrighted 1995.

This is a perfect book for someone who wants to progress their basic musical skills to play the piano, and was selected by the National Federation of Music Clubs and National Association of Music Teachers Youth Festivals as the best book series for children. play the piano. . This particular volume is the second in the series.

Each selected song in the book helps progression the skills of pianists young and old as they work to perfect and master the art. The book also has songs that help the student to sing while playing, which helps to embed the melodies in her memory and helps her learn keystroke combinations, while honing her skills and abilities. There are also practice plans in the book, along with special notes to help the user as he tries new things and more difficult chords to play.

The user will learn about broken chords, minor chords, major chords and chord sequencing, important components to mastering the piano. They will learn about sharps, naturals, and flats, and how to put them together. If you are a music teacher, there are also homework considerations and suggestions. If the student is still learning to write the music and read it, there are practice sessions to help them do that as well. They will learn how to hold the pulse and work with chord patterns and intervals.

Everything in the book is step by step, and if the student gets lost, they can go back and try again, and enjoy singing and playing until they get it right. With just a little instruction and this workbook, a student can teach themselves on the go, with relatively little help.

In my opinion, this inexpensive series is the right way to go, even if you are someone who likes to play by ear and has learned so far through trial and error. This series will help you get it right and learn faster than ever. Please consider all this and think about it.

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