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Rift Power Leveling Secrets Guide – Finally Revealed!

When I got tired of World of Warcraft and other MMOs, I decided to give Rift a try because it seemed pretty good with the graphics and soul system. When I first logged in to play it, it felt like WoW, so I almost gave up. But once I got down to business, man, it sure was great! He just had no idea what he was doing. That was until I found the best Rift leveling guide.

The guide everyone was pointing to was the Rift Power Leveling Guide eBook. I had no interest in power leveling at first, but this guide is so much more than that. With all the souls available, I had no idea what to combine with to get the most out of my class. I chose combinations that didn’t work at all. This guide clearly told me which souls I should play to get the most experience while shooting up to level 50. It made the game much easier to play and get into, but it didn’t feel boring like other games I know.

My other problem was that I didn’t know if I should quest, run instances, or fight on the Rifts themselves. I did them all and the leveling seemed to take forever, and it didn’t seem like I progressed to the next area fast enough and hit the high level content at level 50. The power leveling guide covered that for me as well. She told me which areas to hit, which missions I should focus on, and what I should skip. I didn’t even feel like I was leveling up as the guide helped me enjoy the game much more.

The game’s economy was also hard to get used to. Some items sell for nothing at the seller, but can sell for a lot on the auction house. I really didn’t want to waste my time researching every item to see what I could sell, and I needed the money to jump-start my business skills. This guide helped me figure out what to sell for the best prices and even how to get those items. Throwing items into the auction house only took a few minutes of my experience.

I just had to give this Rift Power Leveling Guide review, it made the game so much better for me.


You don’t want to be the only one without the Secret Guide to Power Leveling, do you?

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