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Some things you’ll want to know about Duxbury, MA real estate

Do you want to buy a home in Duxbury, MA? Well, we have compiled a list of some things you will want to know before doing that.

Duxbury operates its own school system for the city’s approximately 1,000 students, serving preschool through 12th grade. There are two private schools located in the city. Bay Farm Montessori Academy is a private, independent school located in the south corner of town and serves grades PK-6. Good Shepherd Christian Academy is a private Christian school serving students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The closest private high school is Sacred Heart in Kingston.

Duxbury is also known for its beautiful Duxbury Beach. This beach is 4 miles of clean and well maintained white sand beach. It is a pleasure to have this beach so close during the summer. Children, as well as adults, will have a great time there.

Some well-known residents of Duxbury have included:


John Alden, an immigrant from Mayflower and one of the founders of Duxbury.

Ichabod Alden, officer of the American Revolution.

Captain / Lieutenant Governor Myles Standish, Mayflower settler and founder of Duxbury.


Peter Farrelly, screenwriter and director who wrote and directed popular films such as Dumb and Dumber, Something About Mary and Shallow Hal along with his brother Bobby.

Juliana Hatfield, indie rock singer.

Joe Perry, guitarist for Aerosmith.

Sports figures:

Bill Curley, former NBA center for the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.

Pat Leahy, NHL hockey player for the Boston Bruins.

Philip Parlier, former shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team.

Mike Sullivan, former Boston Bruins coach.

These are just a few of the countless examples of why Duxbury is a great place to live. Make sure if you are planning to move to Duxbury that you find a good local real estate agent to guide you through the process. Good luck in your search!

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