10 Great Ways To Advertise Your Nursery

10 Great Ways To Advertise Your Nursery

Getting the word out about your new daycare, or even an established daycare, is extremely important. It’s the kind of thing that goes on and never ends because you want to keep your center fully enrolled. Even after your center is at full capacity, it’s a good idea to keep those business cards circulating. Many schools give teachers business cards and ask them to distribute them wherever they go. You can never have too many potential customers when you operate a daycare.

Here are some inexpensive ways to get notices in your community:

1. Create colorful business cards for you and your staff. Make sure print is easy to read and contact information is clear. Give more than one way to contact the center: email, phone, fax. The easier it is for people to request more information or schedule a visit, the more likely they are to do so.

2. Contact local newspapers about your new center, or if it is currently operating about a special event you will be hosting. It can be the Preschool Art Fair and it can be of social interest to the community. Many local newspapers would be happy to interview the director or owner of a new child care center. They will also be happy to report on a school event in your community newsfeed. You can also pay to place an ad in the newspaper, but free ink is always better.

2. Remember to introduce yourself to the medical community, specifically the medical community that works with children and women. Contact local maternity wards at local hospitals. Many hospitals are happy to distribute their brochure to new parents for future reference. Get your name in there early. Introduce yourself to pediatricians and dentists. If you’re creative, put together a small brochure from your center with helpful tips for searching for schools.

3. Schedule shows of interest to appear at your school. An example might be opening your door to a parenting CPR class or a local puppet show. Allowing parents to visit your center helps them feel comfortable and they talk about their experiences with their friends.

4. Introduce yourself to child referral services in your community. These are often located within the Health Department, Corporate Human Resources Departments, Union Offices, University Admissions Offices, and Hotel Guest Services. They are always happy to pass on your information. Be sure to provide them with information that lists your child care license number and indicates who is responsible for overseeing your program. You will need to contact these groups frequently to see if they need more brochures and to establish a friendly relationship with their staff.

5. Introduce yourself to school staff and local businesses. They will be happy to receive your information and perhaps put a flyer in your window. Grocery stores and laundromats are great places to post your information. If you are in an area where there are apartment buildings, you may be able to post flyers on the Tenet bulletin board.

6. Create a colorful banner that displays outside your facility. Keep it simple and make contact information clear.

7. Schedule a booth at a local education fair where you’ll meet families looking for different schools. Although these families may have older children, they probably know other families who would be interested in your services.

8. Create a website presence where you can post information about your program and services.

9. Follow up through the postal mail on all inquiries you have received. Even a simple postcard from your school with a short note leaves a lasting impression. Once again, put all contact information in an easy-to-read space.

10. Use technology. Create a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Post interesting things about your center without posting personally identifiable images of staff or children unless you have permission.

Remember that advertising for a nursery is never done. At best, you can capture a student for the nursery and keep them for 4-5 years. So that student is gone. Often students will leave early because they are moving. Always maintain a waiting list and encourage families to put their name on the waiting list. And, never stop putting your name in front of the audience.

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