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6 things you don’t know about Frankfurt

The resplendent city of Frankfurt perched on the banks of the River Main has a charm that is unique in itself. It is unlike any other city you will find in Germany, or for that matter, the entire European continent. As well as being a global financial center, it still boasts old-world charm with half-timbered structures dotting its Altstadt, or Old Town. But, if you think you have Frankfurt figured out, think again. Here are some interesting facts about “Mainhattan” that you probably don’t know.

It is a cradle of nature with the largest urban forest in Germany

Think of Frankfurt and conjure up images of towering skyscrapers. But did you know that the city is also home to one of the largest urban forests in Germany? The Frankfurt City Forest is also one of the largest urban forests in the world. So, nature lovers, make a reservation with Asiana Airlines and prepare for magnificent views.

It almost became the capital of West Germany.

Frankfurt has been an important center for the longest time. Therefore, it is not surprising that it was suggested that it became the provisional capital of West Germany when the country split into two parts after WWII. However, since it was an important city in its own right, making it a capital would have weakened the idea of ​​German unification that West Germany supported. Therefore, it was decided to crown a smaller city, Bonn, as the provisional capital.

It has the most incredible horizon in the country.

Well, if you like glittering horizons, hop on an Asiana Airlines flight to Frankfurt and don’t forget to pack your DSLR because the city is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the country. One highlight in particular includes Commerzbank Tower that rises to a height of approximately 850 feet.

It has the most beautiful ruins in Germany.

The Second World War was not only a great blow to world peace, it also left countless incredible structures in ruins. Such was the case with Alte Oper, which suffered extensive destruction in 1944. However, as the opera house lay in ruins for decades, it earned the reputation of “the most beautiful ruins in Germany”. However, the structure has now been restored and is a main attraction that draws people to book flights from Bulgaria Air to Frankfurt.

It has the busiest airport in Germany

Frankfurt Airport is the main airport in the city of Frankfurt and happens to be one of the busiest in the world. In 2017 alone, the facility served some 64.5 million passengers.

It’s the shopaholics dream of tax-free shopping

Travelers from outside the European Union are entitled to a refund of any VAT they have paid on merchandise purchased during their stay in the city. Do you need more reasons to embark on a stay in this fascinating German metropolis?

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