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A big happy family

Working in circumstances that most of us do, flying in, out, in and out, can have its own set of problems.

Most of us work long hours and days in a row. Think about it, we actually spend more time together as a work team than we do with our own families, so it’s important that we get along.

Stress will occur at work. When you have hardworking people, timeline pressures, practical and technical issues to balance every day, boy, it has to get to you at some point. It affects your quality of work, your sleep, and the way you eat. In general, it is not a good mix.

This is where we need each other to regain balance. After all, who else can we go back to so far from home?

Here are some ideas that we can use to defuse potential personality problems that we may encounter and encounter throughout the day:

Note that it has a quick access button. Just being alert sometimes helps us think before we act.

· Learn to read your own emotions. Sometimes it is easier to read the emotions of others but not ours. Like the Safety Quick Step brochures that help us be aware of dangers, let’s take a Safety Quick Step on ourselves.

Express your feelings instead of holding them back. Sometimes we just have to share how we are thinking. I know it’s not easy being a tomboy and all that, but if we have a problem with one of our co-workers, start off by saying, “John, do you mind if I share a concern I have about our work? I just feel bad.” . a little stressed out right now. ”You may be surprised how this kind of approach can help all parties and defuse a possible volatile situation.

Try to focus on the positive and look for the benefits. Again, while this may sound easy, it is not always a piece of cake, but it is better than the alternative.

· Where it matters, learn to say no. I don’t mean “No, I don’t want to work today,” but maybe “No” to the way you are expected to do your job that could cause you worry and possible stress.

Think of the other person. How do you feel? Most likely, they feel more or less the same as you do. Positive strokes help.

While this list can go on, finally learn to forgive. No one of us is perfect. We all make mistakes and we can hold ourselves back and be ready to explode for no reason.

While the above is a to-do list, a short word on what we shouldn’t do.

· Do not overeat or overeat. Both can have bad consequences.

Drinking and smoking too much may seem like good medicine, but feeling good one minute rather than the next is not good for you in the long run. Drinking too much also loosens your ability to be restricted.

· Procrastinating can cause ulcers. Don’t keep procrastinating for later. Talk to your coworker today!

Don’t unload your stress on others and

· Do not withdraw. If there is something, reach out and trust someone.

Yours in safety,

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