A strange yellow penguin photographed by a Belgian (PHOTO)

Belgian photographer Yves Adams was on his way to Antarctica when he saw a strange yellow penguin.

The photographer shared images and their story on his Instagram account. “I won the nature lottery seeing the most beautiful king penguin and being able to take pictures! As we unpacked our inflatable boats after disembarking on a secluded beach on South Georgia Island, this penguin royal leucistique headed straight for us, in the midst of elephant seals, sea lions and thousands of other king penguins. Leucistic, that is to say that this penguin no longer produces melanin.

Asked by our colleagues from Het Laatste Nieuws, Yves Adams still refuses to speak of the “cliché of his life”: “It is certainly a unique photo, but I can also enjoy beautiful animals with us.”

The photograph is in the news today because it was posted on social media two days ago, but it was actually taken in December 2019. “It was a photographer friend who pushed me to publish the photos”, says Adams.

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