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A third fewer student jobs due to corona crisis

According to the NSSO, one student job in three will disappear in the second quarter of 2020. The catering sector in particular has been hit hard.

That writes Le Soir Friday. The NSSO analysis of the statistics for the second quarter of 2020, in the middle of the first corona wave, shows that the number of employers of students fell to 33,581 in that period, compared to 41,204 a year earlier.

The number of jobs decreased from 376,923 to 252,177, the number of student workers itself from 313,524 to 223,919. That is about 90,000 job students less compared to a year earlier and about 125,000 jobs.

So a student job in three no longer existed. The number of hours worked also fell by a quarter. Wages fell from EUR 245.6 million to EUR 188.25 million, which is of course especially dramatic for students who have to pay for their studies through their job.

In absolute numbers, the sectors of administrative and support services and the hotel and catering industry were the most affected. There was more work in agriculture and horticulture, health and social services.

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