Ann Sieg Better Networker Quote: Uncovering the keys to network marketing success
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Ann Sieg Better Networker Quote: Uncovering the keys to network marketing success

Ann Sieg Best Networker Quote

Ann Sieg is one of the top money makers in the home business industry, and her books, like Renegade Networker, have helped countless networkers transform their marketing strategy and build profitable businesses.

And you want to make money in your home business, right?

According to Ann Sieg, the surest route to success is through personal development, in which you are seen as a leader and authority figure.

In short, you want to be known as the “go to” person in your community for your niche, opportunity, or product line, you want to become a recognized “Best Networker.”

Become a better Networker

For example, in my community we have about a hundred different jewelry stores. But somehow, over the years, a family-owned jewelry store has become the leader among jewelers in our city.

Also, according to Ann Sieg, “A better networker is one who projects himself as an honest and trustworthy leader who champions best business practices in a maze of endless opportunities and serves as a pillar of credibility.”

Ann is a recognized expert in the world of network marketing and her message denotes what Mike Dillard considers to be the essential element of network marketing and attraction marketing team building strategy; That is, the development of yourself and how people perceive your ability to lead is more important than the opportunity itself.

Since both Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard believe that your credibility and leadership qualities are vital to your success in network marketing, what can you do about it?

Starting is half the fun

If you’re just getting started in what I consider to be the best business model in the world, you need to take massive steps to build your brand. The fastest way I know of to do this is online.

If you participate in forum discussions, start adding real content to your responses and don’t just refer people to your opportunity website.

Content creation is king

It is said in the world of internet marketing, including internet network marketing and using Ann Sieg’s Best Networker Strategies, that traffic is king.

And the best and least expensive way to build long-term traffic is to post content on your blog, article directories, and video-sharing sites.

Finally, if you frequent social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, among many others, focus on building your reputation as an expert. This falls into what every attraction marketer I’ve ever read about or met calls their “lead with value” mantra.

The idea is to become an authority in your niche.

When people come to recognize you as an authority in the home business industry, when the time is right for them, and not before, they may come to you for a solution.

If you’re involved in a legitimate home business opportunity, your solution, of course, will mean offering them a position on your team.

Once your prospect has joined your team, the real work begins, because now you must demonstrate leadership by showing them how to build your business and duplicate your success.

As Ann Sieg said earlier, becoming a better networker starts with credibility and building trust.

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