Canadian preparation H for acne scars
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Canadian preparation H for acne scars

Not long ago a friend told me that they were using Preparation H to lighten wrinkles under the eyes. This sounded weird to me, so I thought I’d investigate. How can a cream made for hemorrhoids give you clear skin? With a bit of digging, I found amazing data on a substance called Bio-Dyne that is only found in the Canadian preparation H.

About twenty years ago, Preparation H in the United States of America was the same as the Canadian product. Both contained two main ingredients, Bio-Dyne and shark liver oil. After only a few years on the market, the Food and Drug Administration reviewed the ingredients in Preparation H and decided that some ingredients needed to be changed. This was due to the shark liver oil, not the Bio-Dyne. The American manufacturers of Preparation H were forced to change the way they made their products, while the Canadian ingredients stayed the same. Now, at present, the Canadian preparation H is the only product with Bio-Dyne.

What does Bio-Dyne actually do? Bio-Dyne is now known to be biologically active in skin cells. The Cincinnati Burn Unit and the University of Oregon School of Medicine have conducted studies showing that Bio-Dyne accelerates wound healing in burns. The process the body uses to heal burns is identical to that for scars. By applying just a little bit of Canadian Preparation H to an area of ​​your body that has acne scars, it’s easy to see results in just one week. While the results may not be permanent, it is still possible to enjoy clear and smooth skin.

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