Fun Facts About Mauritius – Land of the Dodo

Fun Facts About Mauritius – Land of the Dodo

a multiracial society

the dodo

did you know- Taking inspiration from the Dodo, a rare bird found only in Mauritius in the 17th century, Lewis Carroll published his famous book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” in 1865. This unique bird is the symbol of Mauritius, a of the most beautiful islands on Earth.


did you know- Mauritius is a leaf-shaped island in the southwestern Indian Ocean. The country covers 700 square miles (2,045 square kilometers). The island, a nation slightly smaller than Delaware, is dominated by mountains, rainforests, valleys, and two lakes (Grand Bassin and Mare aux Vacoas). Finally, the Republic of Mauritius has exceptional natural beauty.

Life expectancy

did you know- Life expectancy is 73 years (among the highest in developing countries in the world).


did you know- With African, British, French (the island’s earliest known inhabitants), Chinese and Indian roots, Mauritius is blessed with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a tropical Eden surrounded by golden beaches and world-class resorts. For this reason, among other reasons, thousands of visitors, from the United States, France, South Africa to Sweden and Japan, came to the country, one of the most amazing islands on the planet, along with Hawaii, Bali, Okinawa and The Bahamas. In addition to having spectacular beaches, Mauritius offers other attractions, from excellent French cuisine to national parks, multicultural traditions, historical sites, African gardens, museums and wildlife refuges (various wild animals and vegetation do not exist anywhere else in the world). More than 10 percent of the Island’s territory consists of protected areas. There are also free trade zones. Finally, the Island, since then, has been famous for its hospitality.

world famous visitors

did you know- In 1912, Mahatma Gandhi, one of the biggest names in modern history, visited the island.

port louis

did you know- Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius. It was created in 1736 by France. The capital is home to up to 40 percent of the island’s population. The other cities in the country include Beau Bassin/Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes and Vacoas-Phoenix.

Human development

did you know- In recent decades, the island –a democratic society for more than 40 years– has gone from being one of the poorest nations in East Africa to being one of the most prosperous countries in the developing world, surpassing Bolivia ( a South American country rich in resources). , Indonesia (an oil-rich nation in Asia) and Myanmar (a timber-rich country in Southeast Asia). Starting in the 1970s, the national government has redoubled its efforts to improve human development on the Island, from health, education, nutrition to employment. In 1997, Mauritius was ranked 61 out of 170 countries in the United Nations Human Development Index. Ironically, this English-speaking country is not blessed with natural resources, such as oil, diamonds, and gold. The tourism and sugar industries have transformed the Island into a middle-income country in the world.

African Wonders

did you know-There are at least two World Heritage sites in Mauritius:

-Aapravasi Ghat

-Le Morne Cultural Landscape


did you know- In late 1975, at the 24th Miss World pageant in the UK, Miss Mariella Tse-Sik-Sun, the contestant from the island, caught the eye of international judges and was one of the top 15 semi-finalists.


did you know- In the 1970s and 1980s, while Latin America had a host of dictatorships, from Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina to Panama and Paraguay, Mauritius became a democratic society on the African continent. In addition to being one of the oldest democracies on the Continent, the Island is one of the longest-lived continuous democracies in the world, along with India, the United States, France, Canada, and Great Britain. This English-speaking country also has a good human rights record.

Economic Sciences

did you know- The main economic sectors are sugarcane (its main source of income), offshore services, tourism (a top priority), clothing, tea, and jewelry. About 35 percent of the nation’s total exports to the world are to Britain; Meanwhile, about 12 percent of the world’s total exports to Mauritius come from France. On the other hand, in recent decades, the government has intensified efforts to reduce its economic dependence on sugar (an important source of income).

All Africa Games

did you know- The Olympic team finished 38th in the medal table at the 2007 African Games in Algiers, the Algerian capital.

Diplomatic relations

did you know- Since the 1960s, the Island has maintained cordial ties with France, America and the United Kingdom. Mauritius also enjoys good relations with India and East Africa, as well as with South Africa, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China. From 1968 to 1990, this English-speaking country was a leader in the fight against apartheid in the Third World. Due to ties between South Africa and New Zealand, the Republic of Mauritius, along with other black African states, boycotted the Games of the XXI Olympiad in the mid-1970s.

Main International Organizations

did you know- The Island belongs to the United Nations (April 24, 1968).

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