Home Decor Ideas for 2012
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Home Decor Ideas for 2012

What are the top home decor trends this year?

One of the top home decor trends for 2012 is quite inspiring: art, tableware, pillows, lamps, and even kitchen and bathroom tiles with inspiring sayings. Wall Words is at the heart of this trend with its pre-designed wall quotes and vinyl wall art. Their unique vinyl wall decals range from single words to detailed sayings that are applied to walls, doors, and anywhere else you want to add a little inspiration. They can be easily removed to change quotes.

go coastal

The most interesting trend is the continuation of last year’s coastal furniture and decor. This look has always been popular on the East Coast and southern coastal areas, but has recently gone national.

Coastal chic is all about bringing the enchanting vibe of the seashore into your home: the colors of sand, sky, and sea as pale blues, the pastels of shells and a coastal sunset, and the shades of tans and light browns from the sand. These colors are key to coastal style, and one of the things that makes it easy to spot is that the furniture, whether it’s wood or upholstered, is in these serene hues in addition to summer white. Comfort is also a design element in the coastal style bedroom and makes you want to kick off your shoes and put your feet up. Most coastal furniture is at least a little worn and promotes a casual feel.

Beach and ocean-inspired art, cushions, lighting, dinnerware, and a host of other decor pieces to complement coastal-style furnishings are available in abundance. The coastal-style décor brings home the happy, laid-back tranquility of the coast and makes you feel like you’re on vacation all year long.

storage beds

Tea fashion decoration because the bedroom is something that we have been seeing in the children’s market for quite some time and now it is being introduced to adults; storage beds. Storage beds have drawers underneath for clothes, sheets, extra bedding, whatever you want to keep close at hand. It’s not always necessary to buy a whole new bed, storage components can be purchased to fit under any size bed you already have.

sectional sofas

Sectional sofas, very popular in the 1960s, are gaining popularity again thanks in part to the younger age groups. Today’s consumer is young, contemporary, and entertainment is at the top of their list of motivating factors when buying furniture. These younger homeowners are looking for the convenience, comfort, and versatility that sectional sofas provide. Most sectionals are covered in performance, stain-resistant, easy-care fabrics in earthy tones of brown, beige, sage green, and cream.

Counter Height Dining Sets

Informal dining sets with a bar height table and stools look very trendy and can be used in almost any style of décor. These sets are a very sophisticated addition to a breakfast nook or any casual dining room. They can take the place of island seating in the kitchen or counter height stools can do double duty at the counter. The most elegant color is black, but they are also available in many other colors.

television support

When flat screen TVs first hit the scene, the trend was to hang them on the wall to save floor space and use them as a functional piece of decor. Today we have closed the circle and the trend is television supports, but not only any stables. These are fine pieces of furniture and stylishly hide all your television essentials in drawers and behind closed doors. The new TV stands are available in styles that will work in any home, from traditional chic to farmhouse casual to contemporary chic. The color? Black, black and black.

Color trends 2012

You guessed it, the quintessential furniture color trend is basic black for all rooms in all styles. Even kitchen cabinets are being seen in black.

Other color trends include elements of nature: water and sky, flora and fauna, moss and rock. These shades come together in a very elegant look that is calm, relaxing, and somewhat zen. Sage and moss green is important in the color scene, especially for upholstered furniture, also pewter and deep espresso. Brown-black colors look with a hint of cool and refreshing turquoise.

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