Joomla: the best tools to boost Drupal development

Drupal has become one of the world’s most preferred CMS (Content Management Systems) for both individual blogs and commercial websites. What makes Drupal development powerful is the Drupal tools. These tools allow Drupal developers to design and develop unique websites from scratch. Drupal has gained popularity thanks to the Drupal Developer Toolkit. Instead of inventing and employing solutions, you can use custom ones.

In Drupal development, 90% of the challenges can be overcome with some popular tools. Most of the developers located in overseas development centers use these tools for custom website development. These tools are highly customized by the developers to offer you the right solution to meet your needs. You can easily outsource your custom development project to these overseas development centers for high-end results using Drupal.

Main Drupal tools

AdminMenu– In Drupal, this is the most used menu tool. It allows you to develop the nerve center of your CMS website. Defines the role of the administrator and other users when using the CMS. It is a universal theme-independent administrative interface for all types of development.

Theme Developer– This is one of the most powerful of all the Drupal tools. It allows developers to install and customize Drupal themes for their website. You can easily identify the theme that is being used in a particular section of the website. It also contains crucial information such as the use of the ‘tlp’ file or theme on the website.

Content Construction Kit – Content creation is made easy in Drupal with the use of the Content Construction Kit. Within seconds, you can create special content fields with this tool. These fields can contain text, URLs, references to other pieces of content or users. You can also insert images, videos, and interactive graphics using this field in Drupal.

Develop– When Drupal developers think of module development, module customization, or custom theme development, they can only think of Devel. This is one of the most powerful tools in Drupal. This tool allows you to monitor Drupal-centric information such as collecting and displaying the Drupal db query log, good error handlers, redirect log, page timers, memory usages, and an impressive krumo visualization. Apart from these, the tool also provides useful functions for developers such as DSM(), DPM(), DARGS() and many more.

redirect email– Another powerful tool, Reroute Email, intercepts all outgoing emails from a Drupal site and redirects them to a predefined configurable email address. This is useful for developers who don’t want email sent from a Drupal site to reach users in situations like working on a test server.

There are hundreds of other tools that have made Drupal popular with users and developers.

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