The Secret to Lean Muscle, Strength, Health and More
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The Secret to Lean Muscle, Strength, Health and More

So listen to my mantra…

“Just be what you are, not what you are not. Friends, what to do this has the happiest luck.”

I learned this at age 5 from a cartoon called “Tooter Turtle” in 1964. You see, the tooter, the turtle, always wanted to be something he wasn’t, so he would go with Mr. Wizard (a lizard) who had the magic to change. Tooter lives to some other destination, usually sending him back in time and to various places.

When Tooter’s journey finally turned into a catastrophe, Tooter cried out for help with a cry of “Help me Mr. Wizard, I don’t want to be X anymore!”. where X was the destination Tooter had entered. Mr. Wizard would then rescue Tooter with the incantation, “Twizzle, Twazzle, Twozzle, Twome; it’s time for this one to come home.” Later, Mr. Wizard would always give Tooter the same advice: “Be what you are, not what you’re not. Folks, what does this do to have the happiest luck?”

You see, I’m on a ton of bodybuilding, bodybuilding, fat loss, powerlifting, and health newsletters. I get at least 25-30 of these every day. They are all the same. They offer you these promises… The “fast fat loss or weight loss trick” or “genetics don’t matter” or “super supplement is better than steroids”. Many of these people who sell this nonsense never trained or progressed much. Even more deceptive are the hucksters selling these shows who have a good looking physique (they may even be in their 40’s and 70’s) and are taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Listen to me, it’s not complicated. I do it all in my two-car garage and so do thousands, maybe millions of other people. There have been men who have won the title of Mr. America and Mr. Universe and trained with a partner in a garage or basement or a YMCA who had dumbbells, barbells maybe a power rack or just a squat rack. Nothing fancy, just the basic exercises with steady progression and perseverance.

The point I am making is this.

I get a lot of emails from guys and girls who want to look like someone they follow on YouTube or Facebook or some other form of social media or broadcast. They are in awe of the lean, strong and muscular physique they see in this person and want to build the same physique themselves. They buy the program or the membership and do it only to fail, why? Because they followed a flawed weight-lifting and diet program. The creator of the show never actually used the show or if they did, they were also taking steroids or testosterone or one of the many recreational drugs used to build lean muscle and burn fat.

Learn to be a leader, not a follower. Follow your instincts and not your emotions and you will be a leader and success will be you!

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