Marketing: Seven Key Factors to Attract and Close Sales with Your Target Market
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Marketing: Seven Key Factors to Attract and Close Sales with Your Target Market

Don’t make the mistake of believing that just by offering your services, you will automatically attract customers and close sales with them. It’s critical to understand some key factors that can make the difference between barely surviving your business and having a thriving business with a steady stream of target customers. These are actually simple concepts and not at all difficult to implement, but they are a must in your marketing and marketing copywriting.

1. Know and provide the solutions and benefits that your target market most desires.

Don’t just provide “something” they might like. Make sure it is 100% what they are looking to have and experience. Make sure your services deliver the benefits that will ignite strong desire in your market and make them prefer your solution over your competitors’.

2. Understand your target market’s pain and show how your services can alleviate it.

Your target market is looking for a solution to a problem they are suffering from. You must show that you understand their circumstances and that your services can and will bring relief to your clients. This is a primary motivator in a prospect choosing to become a customer. You must make this information perfectly clear.

3. Know where to locate yourself and know how to access your target market.

You need to be able to identify specific places that you can partner with, become familiar with, and build the trust of your target market. This often seems like a challenging concept for many business owners. Instead of thinking generically, you should think specifically: “Where does my target market hang out?” Although it may not be easy for you to get started, it is the most important marketing activity that you should fully implement. Why go where your target market is scarce? Once you start thinking about these details, you’ll get some pretty obvious ideas.

4. Have excellent written marketing materials.

You must be prepared at all times to give a professional answer to that question from the prospect, “Do you have more information?” You don’t want to stumble, mumble, or apologize because your business materials are second-rate. You need to have exactly the right information written for whatever level of interest a prospect feels when asked the question. All marketing writing should present a consistent marketing message and leave no doubt in the prospect’s mind about what your business does.

5. Understand how your target market feels about your problem.

Use this information in your marketing writing in an authentic and empathetic way. Your understanding of their distress creates the suggestion that you could possibly also understand and provide the solution they need. Understanding and reflecting back your own feelings gives a lot of credibility to your business. Show that you know and appreciate their circumstances and challenges.

6. Get your name, company name, and information about your services in front of your target market, regularly and consistently.

Recognize that familiarity breeds comfort in considering you as a potential solution provider. Don’t hide your business by simply working alone and not leaving where your market is. Create a marketing system so that your marketing happens automatically without constant attention from you. Of course, some things, like networking and public speaking, don’t happen automatically, but you want marketing to happen regularly and without your personal input.

7. Your experience should specifically shout “yes” to the prospect’s question: “Does this person have the experience that proves they can solve my problem?”

Make sure your services are built to play to your strengths and tie directly to your background. You want prospects to know your background and sigh with relief that they finally found the answer.

These are the key factors that you must use to attract your target market and close sales with them. Make sure your marketing and marketing copywriting do the job for your business by employing each of these seven factors.

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