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ORF III on Friday: “We play for Austria” presents Nestroy award-winning piece “Dark Luring World” from Werk X.

Also: “Such a theater” with Kristina Sprenger in the comedy “Katzenzungen” from the Berndorf City Theater and “Kultur heute” with “#WeAreMusical” talk

Vienna (OTS) The series “We play for Austria”, nominated for Romy 2021, will present on Friday, March 19, 2021, at 10.15 p.m., the crime play “Dark luring world” from Werk X, which in 2020 won the Nestroy Theater Prize in the category “Best Off-Production” was awarded. Before that, ORF III will show the comedy “Katzenzungen” with Kristina Sprenger from the Stadttheater Berndorf 2014. In the morning, “ORF III AKTUELL” (9.30 am) will deliver the most important news of the day.

The evening before, “Kultur Heute” (7.45pm) together with the United Bühnen Wien (VBW) invites you to “Talk Time” under the heading “#WeAreMusical”. In conversation with artistic director Christian Struppeck at Ronacher in Vienna, the musical stars of the VBW offer personal insights into their lives during the Corona crisis and report on how they make the best possible use of the time when the theater is closed. At the end, each guest gives an individual interpretation of their favorite song from the VBW musical repertoire – this time with Barbara Obermeier.

To kick off the theater evening at 8:15 pm, Kristina Sprenger’s debut as artistic director at the Stadttheater Berndorf will show: Miguel Mihura’s comedy “Katzenzungen”, directed by Alexander Kuchinka. The eternal bachelor Vinzenz von Leschanz (Hubert Wolf), a shy cat’s tongue manufacturer, meets the bright Stupsi (Kristina Sprenger) in Vienna. In his blind enthusiasm, he does not notice that he is introducing his mother (Sophia Grabner) and aunt (Lotte Ledl) to a prostitute as his future wife.

“We play for Austria” leads to the “dark, luring world” from Werk X at 10:15 pm. In the crime play by the Tyrolean playwright Händl Klaus, the young doctor Corinna (Constanze Passin) moves out of her home. When the apartment is handed over, her landlord Joachim (Wojo van Brouwer) engages her in a conversation until his eye falls on a strange object: a tiny human toe lying in the corner. The play, which was awarded the Nestroy Theater Prize in the category “Best Off-Production” in 2020, was staged by Nurkan Erpulat.

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