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Specter (2015): Bond is back

“I think you’re just getting started,” Moneypenny teases a deep-rooted Bond, before eliciting a grinning reaction from Daniel Craig. And she is right! Craig started out as Bond! For the first time, he plays Bond, not a man seeking to become Bond. Craig, a self-confessed Sean Connery nut, joins his ‘Skyfall’ compatriot Sam Mendes again […]


5 things your business website must have

1) A call to action. Your website visitors are on your website for a reason. Your website is a marketing tool for website users to request more information, buy a product, download an app, schedule a reservation (or hundreds of other variations that allow you to make a profit on your business). You need to […]

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Steps for Victorian Dollhouse Design

The first step in building your own Victorian dollhouse is doing your research. There are detailed books on the subject. You can read about valuing your building, how to build your furniture, and even kitchen design. There are books on the history and development of materials, design alternatives, and furniture and accessory options. Building and […]


Matrix salad recipes: the salad of modern times

While we fully agree that eating salad is eating healthy, today’s many food options and combinations seem to have neglected the true essence of salads. The real salad is abundant in organic ingredients. It’s loaded with darker greens, fruits, and raw veggies in a low-fat vinaigrette that offers a low-fat, low-calorie meal. This is called […]