Pay cheaper business electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint by using a smart meter

Pay cheaper business electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint by using a smart meter

Smart meters are a new generation of metering that enable real-time communication between your meter and your commercial energy provider. This allows you to monitor energy consumption and costs at all times of the day and night and helps you identify times when you might be using less electricity. They can be easily installed at your business premises and are often installed for free.

How can a smart meter save your business money and reduce your carbon footprint?

For example, have you considered tracking how much electricity your business consumes outside of business hours? You may be surprised at how much it is used and how much it costs. A smart meter can record your electricity usage from the evening, overnight, and into the next morning and then report back to you about this cost. Now try these ‘energy saving tips’ at the end of the next business day;

  • All electrical appliances are turned off.
  • All computers, monitors and printers are turned off
  • All the heating is off and the windows are closed.
  • All the lights are off

Your smart meter can now calculate the cost difference of these two readings. Regardless of how big or small this savings is, you are now saving this amount every day! Your annual savings can be substantial.

Now monitor your electricity usage during business hours too. Are there moments of excessive use? If so, find out why and practice ways to use less electricity to pay even cheaper business electric bills and further reduce your carbon footprint.

These types of meters are designed to help us all use less energy and a lot of time and effort is being invested in making us aware of them and the many benefits they offer.

Now is the perfect time to consider installing a commercial smart meter!

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