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Elektrisch, praktisch, und sehr kompakt: Der Twingo Electric ist tatsächlich noch einmal 40 Zentimeter kürzer als der Zoe und tritt zum Kampfpreis in die E-Arena.

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From Stefan Pabeschitz

Vienna – Twingo and electric drive were not completely alien to each other – after all, the little Frenchman provided the platform for the last Smart series, which was recently only powered by electricity. However, it failed miserably on the market, mainly because of the high price and almost ridiculous range. In the meantime, Smart partner Mercedes is baking new e-breads with a Chinese partner, which probably only paved the way for Renault in terms of contract law to put its own battery concept on Twingo legs.

Outwardly, the sympathetic city flea remains almost the same – except for a few of the usual blue decorative elements that the electrical world has somehow agreed on as a universally valid symbol. The 21.4 kWh battery built into the floor is liquid-cooled, the electric motor, transmission and power management are derived from the current Zoe. For the Twingo, the unit produces 82 hp and 160 Newton meters of torque – more than enough for brisk progress in city traffic, but also on cross-country passages. The specified 12.9 seconds for the Hundred Sprint feel much more nimble in real life, thanks to the brisk acceleration of the electric motor.

The WLTP average range is 190 kilometers; in pure city operation with a correspondingly high level of energy recovery, it can even be almost half more. During test drives in and around Vienna with mixed use of the three recuperation levels, the reported electricity consumption in city traffic resulted in a range of 230 kilometers, on the urban motorway distances of almost 150 kilometers – which largely confirms the data of the measurement cycle in practice.

As far as operation is concerned, Renault has taken over the pleasantly simple variant of the larger Zoe: With an automatic selector lever, as usual with conventional drives, pushed to the left in the drive position, the recuperation levels are selected. In the highest mode, the Twingo Electric can be driven in one-pedal mode; you only have to brake with your foot to stop immediately. The empty weight of almost 1200 kilos, due to the battery, is a little noticeable on bumpy road surfaces, because the chassis insulation is audibly struggling with the additional weight. In return, on good asphalt, there is richer handling and a solid driving experience.

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The futuristic noise that the E-Twingo makes under 30 km / h is funny – a bit between the original Enterprise and the Moon Basis Alpha 1. For pedestrian protection, it is now prescribed how long the driver can endure it, but must first be tested become. However, the fresh and friendly interior of the full-time electric vehicle may have a calming effect.

Pricing from 20,490 euros makes the Twingo Electric currently the cheapest e-model on the market, minus government subsidies and the additional insurance and financing bonuses from Renault, this currently even results in a carry-over price of 14,340 euros.

A closer look at the catalog reveals the entry-level version “Life”, however, as an extremely bare price list decoy, which without air conditioning, power windows or radio is likely to overuse almost every willingness to compromise small cars. At least these basics are included in the medium “Zen” configuration, which is available for an additional charge of 1500 euros, but it only becomes worthy in the top version “Intense” for another 1300 euros. Even here, however, a navigation system or seat heating must be ordered and paid for separately. Compared to the competition, the Twingo Electric still remains a contribution to e-mobility that is at least not too remote in terms of price.

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