Technology-induced laziness
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Technology-induced laziness

Get up in the morning, press a button, and your coffee will be ready in minutes. The electric razor shaves us and the electric toothbrush cleans our teeth.
You press a button and the car doors unlock. You press a button and the windows go up and down.
Get home, get on the lawnmower and cut the grass. A brushcutter trims.
And a list of our labor saving devices goes on, each of which reduces physical labor.
We are busy, busy. But the physical labor is reduced to the point that it could be called laziness, or it can become physical laziness.

Easily, a person can also become a couch potato.
Then one day, we find out that the cholesterol level is too high. Our body is not using the food we eat. It has not been used enough to burn food intake.
Along with a bad cholesterol count, the weight has increased.
Then comes the diet and spa workouts, trying to get back that once healthy body.
You get the picture.

Are labor saving devices the cause? Yes and No, but mostly no. Walking behind a self-propelled lawn mower to cut grass would be an exercise in walking. Hand trimming around shrubs and flowers offers another type of exercise.
When you go shopping, park as far back in the parking lot as possible and walk to the stores, and walk while you shop.
Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is good exercise.

The point is that with a little thought, good exercises are ready to use and healthy.
Labor-saving devices aren’t to blame for being overweight or having too high a cholesterol count. It’s our thinking about them and what they can do, and then the mindset we develop. Once you start thinking that we can’t do anything except without a labor-saving device, then getting into a routine of doing nothing without such devices is the cause of becoming physically lazy.

Labor saving devices are good. However, we do not think that our body needs a workout as much or more than those devices.

Workouts don’t need to be strenuous. Things that are common to daily life can become a good exercise when they are recognized and used. And they will contribute to good health.

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