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The video-doctor and the digital athlete are among the trends pinned by Deloitte

Virtual medical consultations, women’s sport and data-athletes are some of the new trends of the moment, according to Deloitte.

Visits to the doctor become virtual, the female sport conquers the sponsors and the screens, we tear the augmented reality headsets and an ever-increasing number of companies use the cloud to save money … four of the new global trends identified by Deloitte in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sectors.


medical visits

In 2021, 5% of medical visits worldwide will be virtual, predicts Deloitte.

The audit and advisory office is publishing the 20th edition of its TMT forecasts this Thursday, which helps managers identify the major challenges for the next three years.

Medical visits

The pandemic crisis has contributed to the emergence of several of these trends, starting with the medical visits remotely. Familiar with video conferencing applications, patients, and especially those over 65, are more willing than before to make virtual appointments with their doctors.

The percentage of virtual visits to the doctor will increase to 5% of the total worldwide in 2021 (against only 1% in 2019), predicts Deloitte. In Belgium, during the first confinement between March and May 2020, Inami identified some 3.8 million visits online.

“It is now possible to measure indicators inside and outside the body, which creates hundreds of new metrics to fuel decision-making – and, in effect, creates a digital athlete.”

Female sport and digital athlete

Second major trend, also influenced by the crisis: women’s sport is developing more and more and is monetized. We see it with the professionalization and media coverage of women’s football in Belgium. The number of female players in our country has increased by 75% since 2013 to total 40,000 affiliates in 2020.

Another development related to sport, the use of athlete data collection and analysis deploys noticeably. “It is now possible to measure indicators inside as well as outside the body, which creates hundreds of new measurements to fuel decision-making – and, in fact, creates a digital athlete”, underlines Deloitte Belgium in its press release.

“In the near future, cloud technologies could become the dominant solution for all types of businesses.”

Jan Corstens

Technology Sector Leader at Deloitte Belgium

We are witnessing the birth of the hyper-quantified athlete. It remains to be seen whether the players and the federations of the different sports will succeed in agreeing on a protocol for the use of this data.

Popular XR and cloud headsets

Virtual reality extends in education and business, continues Deloitte. He points to the increased use of augmented reality headsets (XR headsets). The firm predicts that in 2021, sales of XR headsets to businesses and the education sector will reach 200,000 units worldwide, a doubling compared to 2019.

The pandemic also favors increased use of the cloud. Global cloud revenue growth will exceed 30% from 2021 to 2025, predicts Deloitte, pointing to the constant search for agility and innovation by companies. “In the near future, cloud technologies could become the dominant solution for all types of businesses,” said Jan Corstens, Technology Sector Leader at Deloitte Belgium.

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