Tokyo Olympics: the start of the Olympic flame will undoubtedly be without spectators

According to the daily Yomiuri, the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics, which are to be held this summer, would like to avoid crowds at the departure of the Olympic flame scheduled for March 25 in Fukushima and to which 3,000 people were initially to attend.

“The details of the big departure are still being discussed,” said a spokesperson for the Games organizers.

Tokyo-2020 announced at the end of February the strict rules that will have to be observed by those who wish to watch the flame go by, including the ban on cheering and the compulsory wearing of a mask.

The presence at certain points of the course will be made only by reservation and the information concerning the bearers of the flame will be communicated only at the last minute in order to avoid a grouped public, always according to these directives.

Certain sections of the relay could also be canceled to avoid the risk of transmission of the coronavirus, the organizers had further specified.

The Tokyo Olympics, postponed last year because of the pandemic, are scheduled from July 23 to August 8, despite the persistence of the health crisis in the world.

The sensitive issue of whether or not to allow spectators from abroad during the event must be decided by the end of March, but the organizers are already looking for their ban, according to local media.

A decision on the maximum capacity of Olympic venues is also due to be announced in April.

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