Volvo preparing to launch massive UK ad campaign for C30
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Volvo preparing to launch massive UK ad campaign for C30

At the 2006 Paris Motor Show, Volvo introduced its smallest car to date: the C30 three-door, four-seater hatchback. The vehicle also became one of the reasons for Volvo’s re-entry at the 2007 Montreal Auto Show. Currently, the C30 is about to be launched in the UK and Volvo is about to start its biggest advertising campaign in more than ten years.

The Volvo C30 is aimed at the younger generation of car buyers and the said advertising campaign will be aimed at the mentioned age group. The C30 needs all the oomph it can get, especially as it goes up against popular brands like Alfa Romeo, Audi and Volkswagen.

The ad campaign is now seen as one of the most radical steps Volvo has taken in recent memory. With a national advertising campaign, it seems Volvo has done all it can to give the C30 a significant boost in the UK car market. Volvo will tell us “What do you think?” slogan in its advertising campaign that will cover television, print, foreign and digital media. The advertising campaign will be launched on May 4 and has as main objective to measure the opinion of the motoring public about the Volvo C30.

In the first 18 days of the advertising campaign, Volvo will cover different media to promote the C30. After that initial salvo, Volvo will begin designing the four and a half months of advertising for the special model features found on the Volvo C30. In these advertising campaigns, one of the attributes of the C30 that will be highlighted is its fuel efficiency. This, of course, is aimed at car buyers who are concerned about the growing threat of global warming. Its small size, while giving the C30 good fuel economy, also allows the vehicle to navigate urban areas.

Anita Fox, Volvo UK’s director of marketing communications, touts the launch of the C30 as Volvo’s boldest advertising effort ever. “The launch of the C30 heralds Volvo’s most radical marketing campaign. It has been designed to appeal to a much younger, marketing-savvy target audience, and to break away from traditional Volvo values ​​that are not relevant to this audience,” he says. Fox.

The ad campaign, when launched, can be compared to a Volvo clutch when it engages and then releases power from the engine. The same can be said for the ad campaign which, when launched, will unleash Volvo’s advertising power. The ad campaign will start with 10 second TV spots, then longer 20 second spots will be shown across the UK. At the same time, Volvo will also use color print ads that will run in selected daily, weekly and monthly publications. Volvo will also use exterior banners to promote the C30. All of this will encourage consumers to visit Volvo’s Freewill website, where they will be invited to post their comments on the C30.

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