What is an Internet or web marketing system?

What is an Internet or web marketing system?

There always seems to be some initial confusion among my clients as to what an internet marketing system really is.

Some of my clients think that it is just a website created along with some social media pages. Yes, a website is a feature of a marketing system, but it is only one part.

Others think it’s social media or email marketing. While those are elements of an internet marketing system, a complete system involves those elements and much more…

We’ll talk more about it in a few days.

Development of an Internet marketing system

When developing a new concept for a system, my first rule of thumb is to find out what my prospect wants and needs to achieve. True, they always say they want “leads,” but what kind of leads? How do you want to attract those leads and what do you want to offer them in exchange for joining your list?

Many customers know that you will send them an email and that they will see your posts and content on a consistent basis. But the most important thing you should know is how to develop your marketing system to attract the right target customer and what you are going to offer them in exchange for their interest.

A few days ago, I saw a great ad on Facebook offering something I’m interested in. The ad was very well written and the banner design was attractive. So I clicked on the “Learn More” link.

However, it took me to a front page that asked for my contact information without offering me any incentive to provide it. The truth is that today, your request for information from prospects must be accompanied by an even trade in their minds.

Of course, I clicked off the page and today I only remember the feeling of not wanting to give my information so quickly for nothing.

However, a better experience that same day was when I clicked on an offer for free training on how to market a platform I know very little about. I went to the front page and got immediate free content on how and why I should purchase your program to expand my marketing skills.

This marketing system took me on a journey about your program. During that journey, I thought about how I could use this program, not just for myself, but also how my own clients could benefit from it.

I have bookmarked your training page and added it to my list of products to buy and use.

So when I design an Internet marketing system for an entrepreneur, we look at the journey that the prospect is going to take through the system.

What is your prospect going to feel and experience at each interval? How are they going to naturally engage with the system?

My clients and I know that we have to engage them throughout the entire process by engaging them in the experience rather than the marketing system. Therefore, the web marketing system must be built seamlessly and virtually undetectable.

So the internet marketing system starts with a great post or advertisement about the problem that your product can solve.

It then takes them to a main page that gives them more information about how that solution will benefit them.

You then offer them a great incentive to learn more about that solution in a series of emails.

Lastly, they are introduced to the troubleshooting product you have to offer, along with some great bonuses they weren’t expecting.

If you build your offer around the benefits the owner will receive, then you can make it a smooth process.

Next, we’ll talk about how long the marketing process takes. I have some great advice on the 90-day sales cycle.

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