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Who Are the Partners of ENT Partnership?

Partners of ENT Partnership

ENT Partnership is led by experienced healthcare professionals with proven track records in supporting physicians and their management teams through a consultative practice management approach. Using their expertise, ENT Partners provides scalable support services that promote long-term growth and preserve clinical autonomy for its partner practices.

US ENT Partnership, a broad, ENT-specific, office-based GPO, offers 17-20% discounts on high-cost medical supplies and equipment to physician practices across the U.S. The company also offers priority access to innovative technologies that improve the hearing experience of its members through a partnership with Earlens Corporation, a privately held medical technology company.

Earlens transmits sound information without an acoustic signal by vibrating the eardrum to activate the hearing system, allowing for nearly double the usable bandwidth of standard hearing aids. This innovative technology is only available through a small number of ENT practices across the country, and US ENT Partners is pleased to partner with Earlens to offer it to its members as part of their ENT support offering.

Who Are the Partners of ENT Partnership?

Specialty Care Institute, an ENT practice that serves the western suburbs of Chicago with two board-certified otolaryngologists, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and audiologists, has recently joined ENT Partnership. This affiliation will strengthen SCI’s already strong position in the ENT community, with its broad array of otolaryngology, sinus and snoring, sleep apnea and allergy services.

ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP (ENTA), has formed a clinical affiliation with Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ, to bring enhanced access to otolaryngology and allergy services to patients throughout New Jersey. This partnership will provide access to coordinated patient care and a more seamless and efficient experience for patients with complex otolaryngology needs.

ENT Partners provides access to a team of proven healthcare experts who know how to support physicians and their management teams through a consultative practice management approach. Using this consultative model, we help ENT practices achieve a sustainable growth strategy while maintaining clinical autonomy for their physicians.

The ENT Partners team is proud to announce several of the aforementioned top-notch products that have made their way into our partner practices. For starters, we are excited to offer our member practices exclusive access to a new technology that is sure to be a game changer for many patients undergoing ear surgery.

Earlens Corporation, a medical technology company that is committed to transforming the hearing experience for millions of people, has partnered with US ENT Partners to provide its members with priority access to a novel device that is not yet available in the market. This technology is a patented system that transmits sound information without the use of an acoustic signal, doubling the amount of usable bandwidth on conventional hearing aids.

SENTA is an ENT and Allergy management services organization backed by Shore Capital Partners, and is committed to partnering with leading physicians to build a premier network of ENT and Allergy services in the South. This collaboration is the first of its kind in Georgia and features a robust digital health platform that enables enhanced patient access to a variety of otolaryngology services, including diagnostic imaging and advanced sinus treatments, as well as enhanced audiology care.

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