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“Wild carnival” in Brussels: around ten people arrested

Two sections of the police were targeted in Forest, and confrontations broke out. In Bois de la Cambre, the police dispersed demonstrators against coronavirus measures on Saturday afternoon.

Lhe police in the Midi zone (Anderlecht / Saint-Gilles / Forest) arrested around ten people after the “Wild Carnival” which crossed Brussels on Saturday afternoon, while two sections of the police were targeted in the area. rue du Charroi in Forest. Previously, the police had already identified a dozen other participants in the unannounced and therefore unauthorized event.

The Wild Carnival takes place every year on the Place du Jeu de Balle. Participants make their costumes themselves, mostly from recycled materials, and then dance through the City. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the procession could not take place but that did not prevent around 200 people from gathering in the emblematic place of Marolles. The group then headed for Saint-Gilles and Forest, gleaning more spectators and additional participants.

After repeated requests from the local police to respect health measures, the latter finally decided to disperse the crowd on Saturday evening in Anderlecht, in consultation with the mayor.

Confrontations then broke out in Forest, leading to a dozen arrests.

Hundreds of people demonstrate in Bois de la Cambre against corona measures

Several hundred people marched on Saturday afternoon in the Bois de la Cambre in Brussels to protest against the current corona measures. They consider them undemocratic, limiting their freedom and the harbinger of a dictatorship.

According to many protesters, the danger and proportion of the coronavirus pandemic is greatly exaggerated, while the damage caused by the measures is underestimated. Most of the demonstrators did not wear masks and kept little or no distance from each other, despite repeated calls from the police who spoke of a thousand participants. The latter, present in the Bois, however, did not intervene at first.

The demonstration is part of an international day of protest against corona measures. Gatherings are also held in other countries under the name of the “World Freedom Demonstration”.

“We are here today to claim our freedom. We do not come to ask for it, we come to demand it because it is our right. For over a year our constitutional rights and freedoms have been curtailed and violated, and this must stop. We are also here to defend the many social groups that are forgotten in this pandemic, those whose voices are not heard in the media ”, expressed one of the participants, regretting that physical health is too much taken into account. account, at the expense of mental health.

Many protesters still remained after the rally. Some provoked TV crews and journalists. The tension escalated further when police arrived in large numbers, greeted with boos, to urge activists to end their action.

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